Casual Halloween Dinner Party

Here’s the Halloween dinner party I’ve been working on. It’s perfect for a light pasta meal with friends. Maybe Pumpkin Penne Pasta? It starts with a whimsical color scheme of black, purple, orange, and green. The little witch hat toppers I made a couple of years ago and still get a kick out of them! I also put them on soda bottles and beer bottles, depending on the crowd. And, of course, colored candy completes the drinks & sweets table.

Other little details include bottle labels, spiders frozen inside of ice cubes, and bloody rimmed glasses with vampire’s teeth. The “blood” was made with corn syrup and red food coloring. You could also use red icing gel.
Finally, I embellished my chandelier with feather boas. It ties into the feather wreath above the drinks and I love that it helps to bring the color upward in the room.
I had a great time putting this together, but next week I’ll be working on a Graveyard Themed halloween setting. Stay Tuned!!

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  1. brit.brit.brit the boas are not near the light source. The bulbs are protected by the shades. I’ve used this technique a few times before….no worries. Thanks for your concern though.

  2. that boa chandelier is ridiculous! talk about fire hazard!! love what you did! thanks for sharing!

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