Breaking Bad Party

breaking bad party

I’m a HUGE Breaking Bad fan and can not wait until Sunday for the series finale. We were late to the bandwagon but spent our summer playing catch up on all the previous seasons so we could watch the current season live. I don’t think I’ve heard “everyone” talking about a show since people were asking who shot J.R.

I was giddy when Jamee of Setting the Mood sent me this Breaking Bad party to share. She has such a creative mind and incorporated so many important references to the show. The Walter’s Whities! Awesome! And so much more to see. This would be a fantastic Halloween party too. My husband is already growing a goatee for his “Heisenberg” costume.

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Here’s what Jamee has to say about the party {and my additional comments in brackets}, and a run down of all the references to the show:

I got hooked on the Breaking Bad series after spending a weekend watching the entire first season on DVD. Sadly, the series is coming to an end on September 29th. I have a feeling there will be several breaking bad parties on that night. Below is how I will be spending that much anticipated evening.

For the buffet, I found two 55 gallon drums on Craigslist and used them as the “table legs” for the buffet. I added a vinyl decal to each one to mimic the Methylene drums on the show. The table top was a piece of plywood with a stainless steel sheet on top. I had created a chalkboard sign that is similar to the opening of the show with the iconic elements “Br” and “Ba.”

The back row of the buffet featured lots of Erlenmeyer beakers, flasks, tubes and funnels filled with colored water. It’s my mini version of the “super-lab”. For the actual night of the show, I will place dry ice in each container to add smoke and bubbles to the scene.

I used the same buffet for both the sweet and savory stations.

The savory station

  • Venezia’s Roof Top Pizza From when Walt threw the take out pizza on the roof {this could also be a reference to when Jessie opened his house as a Meth hangout and ordered pizza for everyone}
  • Heisen’burger’ Sliders
  • Jessie’s Funyun Rings I emptied and washed mini Funyun bags and filled them with warm beer battered onion rings. I also had mini beakers filled with ketchup for dipping {because this is the only food Jessie packed when they were cooking in the camper all day}
  • Los Pollos Hermano’s Buffalo Wings I found some small containers that looked like the fry batter buckets on the show and made a paper wrap and bucket lid label and filled the buckets with Sweet and Spicy Buffalo Wings.
  • Heisenberg Brew Heineken Beer with a custom Heisenberg brew logo {you could also call it Schraderbrau after Hank’s homemade brew}

The sweets station featured

  • Meth Cupcakesmini vanilla bean cuppies with crystal meth (blue rock candy)
  • Blue Icethe blue meth that Walter creates (blue rock candy)
  • Jello Shotsvodka infused green apple Jello
  • Walter’s Whitiessugar cookie tighty whities {because Walter is ALWAYS being seen in his underwear}
  • Moleculesbubble gum balls skewered with toothpicks to mimic enlarged molecules
  • Methylene Meringueserved in mini beakers topped with a dollop of whipped cream

I told my husband the other day that I’d love to host a Breaking Bad Halloween party.  After seeing this from Jamee I’m not sure if I’m satisfied living vicariously through her, or if I’m more motivated than ever! LOL

Awesome inspiration!

Design & StylingSetting the Mood / Mini Pizza Boxes – Cash & Carry Paper Co. / Individual Funyun Bags – Meijer / Blue “meth” rock candyWilton / Tighty Whitey Shaped Cookie CutterMs. B’s Sweet Supplies

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  1. This is awesome! My boyfriend is crazy in love with Breaking Bad, and for Christmas i’m redoing his office in our house and making it Breaking Bad themed. I already have the barrels for his new desk, but was wondering if you remember what size decals you used on the barrel?

  2. So creative and inventive. Thank you for sharing. Was the glassware purchased from a scientific supplier?

  3. This may be my favorite party this year!! Love it. We’re obsessed with Breaking Bad! I’ll be out of town for the finale so my husband & me can’t watch the finale together. Half tempted to wait…oh, who are we kidding! I can’t wait…not if I’m on social media. ;p <3 Heidi

  4. Ahhh Chris!! Thank you so much for featuring this! I think it would be AWESOME if you do this for Halloween!! PLEASE post pics when you do!

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