Boxed Invitations

One of the best ways to create a buzz about your upcoming party is to create a fabulous invitation.  Boxed invitations are a great way to do that.  The fun thing about these is that you can add fun details and items that wouldn’t fit into a traditional envelope.  You can get so creative with these and the possibilities are endless.  Here are some good ideas to get you going:

Add candies to the bottom of the box and wrap in tissue.(Wedding Bee)
Pink maribou feathered box with beaded ribbon!  Bachelorette Party, or Special Birthday?(Paper Olive)
A “school” themed box with button magnets and personalized pencils.(Amber & Jeff’s wedding blog)
Add decorative “snow” for a winter soiree.  Maybe a warning to “open with caution.” ; ) (My Personal Artist)
I love this for a man’s birthday party.  Cigar and animal print…very rugged! (Paper Olive)
A mini Candyland board with lollipop for a child’s birthday (Paisley Quill); A fun questionnaire with pencil for a bridal shower.(Gourmet Invitations)
The rustic look is very popular and these would be great with it’s moss lining and scroll invitation (Celebrate Beautifully);  For a baby shower, write directly on a newborn diaper (or add a sticker with the info) and send it in a box!(Make Your Own Invitations)
You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to attend any of these celebrations!

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  1. I love this idea! This is such a great opportunity to be creative and put your personal 'stamp' on the occasion right from the beginning — and your guests get a gift, too. How fun!

  2. I am designing a box invite as we speak. If it turns out okay (crossing fingers) I will email you pictures let you decide if you want to show to your viewers.

  3. Chris, I just love these! And how timely, I have an upcoming post about a box invitation that I did a while back for a baby shower. I will definitely direct readers to this great post too.

  4. Love these ideas. I know if I received one of these invites I wouldn't be able to contain my excitment!!

  5. NJAM, I don't know what kind of Crazy Telepathic Minds we have, but we are ALWAYS on the same page! lol!

  6. Ack! Curse our creative minds, I've been working on this exact post and we even have some of the same links 🙂 Awesome job!

  7. I loved boxed invitations! Thank you for posting lots of great ideas!

  8. I would be so excited to get any of these! I esp love the feathers for the bachelorette party!

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