My Trip To Blissdom

Today I thought I’d {finally} share some photo highlights of the Blissdom Conference I recently attended in Dallas…

CAH business cards from Paper & Pigtails

First of all, you can’t attend a business conference without business cards, and Kori hooked me up with these fabulous ones!   Apparently photos are IN this year in a big way.

mug shot with The Marshmallow Studio & Deliciously Darling

There’s never a loss for spectacular sponsors at Blissdom, and I love these “MUG” shots by Seattle’s Best Coffee, who provided a warm breakfast for us on opening day.  Here I am with Alejandra {my roomie} and Dina – 2 awesome ladies I finally met face to face.


iPhone pics:  Me and Alejandra met up at the airport & were on our way to meet our 3rd roomie, Nancy;  Once we 3 got together it was off to dinner…and a tasty margarita;

Girls Night Out turned out to be the highlight of the weekend.  I saw one of the best bands that my husband has been raving about for years – The Spazmatics – and spent more time with Nancy, Jennifer, and Brandy;  Met up with Rebekah for a bit on the closing day of the conference.

What I learned:

Aside from the fact that I’m really lame at taking photos {4 measly pics!} I think I’m really not a “conference” person.  The travel is exhausting, and the size is overwhelming.  I’m not my best self and find it difficult to make connections in such a “formal” situation.  I’m much better in casual settings of 3-4 people.  That being said, I do feel fortunate to have bonded with a handful of gals {above} and hope to see them in real life again in the future.

How are YOU in big situations?  Do you turn into a wall flower or do you take it by storm?

As for the actual workshops and speakers, I feel like the theme throughout was Twitter, Twitter, Twitter {rolling eyes}.  Here’s the catch 22:  I’m active on social media as much as I CAN be.   Most of my day is spent ACTUALLY WORKING – you know, writing, styling, photographing, editing, shopping for supplies & props, cooking, crafting, curating, researching, etc, etc.  I admit I have a love hate relationship with social media.  It IS necessary but oh, so frustrating to keep up with.  I got into this career path because I LOVE the work itself…not because I love marketing…. Okay, my rant is over now.

What I would have liked to have had more of is actual steps, tactics, and verbiage for approaching the powers that be.  I need concrete advice, not concepts.

I do think the conference would be beneficial to a small or mid-level blogger who’s looking to up their game.  I got a LOT out of it when I first went 2 years ago.  It really helped me take this blog to the next level.  For now, I think I just need an agent or PR person! LOL

Have a great day!

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  1. Chris – I appreciate your candid comments on the conference. I’ve always wondered about them…although I definitely think it would be great to meet people like you in person! Ha! I have the same love-hate with Social Media that you do…it can be really fun but also super distracting and semi-ridiculous. But. I do it when appropriate!

  2. Chris ~

    I too was star struck when we first met, then I realized you are so down to earth and very sweet ~ just like your blog “voice”. I am so happy I can call you my friend! We need to get together again soon in “Real Life”! Miss and Love you girl!! xoxo

  3. I’m the same way at conferences…though I’m trying to get better. I mean why do I go? To learn something and meet new people. I don’t think I would say I enjoy going to conferences. They are tiring. I mean often they start at 7 (which means I’m getting up at 530 or 6 at the LATEST) and often don’t end until 10 or 11, every day. I need down time, so they are very hard for me.
    I love the idea of a PR person…do you think they have them for engineers? Ha! Love your blog!

    1. Ha! Thanks for weighing in, Sandy. Very long days indeed, and I also need down time to recharge. Sounds like we might travel well together ; D

  4. Ah love this post Chris. Very helpful for you to share your honest take aways. P.S. totally jealous of the face time you gals got. Miss you ALL!

  5. Whattup roomie! Pretty much summed it up well girl. Hugs!!

  6. Chris-
    I have to say I was a little star struck when I met you! You were so kind and sweet that that soon went away and I could total enjoy our visit!! I had a blast that night and I hope to see you too in the “Real life” soon!

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