Black & White Halloween Soiree

I think it’s about time to start planning some Halloween parties! Right now I’m really digging the idea of a black and white soiree for adults. Something a little “spooky” but also a little sophisticated. Think wine, coffee, and desserts.

Host a Halloween dessert party with black and white décor and food. It’s a fun way to celebrate the holiday as a grown up, and it’s simple to pull it together.

Black & White Decorations

  • Start the buzz for a Halloween party by sending out an invitation via Evite or snail mail.
  • Add some creepy labels to wine bottles. You can find them at craft stores or most places that sell Halloween decorations.
  • Serve some cheese and crackers in the form of a charcuterie board. But save room for the real treats; dessert!
  • Use black dishes and wine glasses, candles, spiders and white spider webs, white lace tablecloth, white hanging gauze or black spooky cloth.
  • Drape furniture with white sheets. Place a white skeleton in a prominent location.
  • Don’t forget to have everyone dress in either black or white costume, or a combination of the two colors.

Black and White Halloween Dessert Party

Set up a buffet with black and white desserts to serve with wine or coffee and flavored liqueurs.

This is a pretty simple party to pull together. Even if you find yourself busy with kids’ Halloween activities, you could easily hold this on a Friday evening after work.

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