Beautiful & Bright Baby Shower

Photographers always seem to design the best parties!  It must be that “special eye” they have when they are behind the lens that aids them when designing their own event details.  Here is a recent baby shower from photographer Wendy Updegraff.  Gorgeous colors and thoughtful design make this shower special!
Beautiful hand-painted welcome sign coordinates with the table ribbon “runner.”
Large monogram, “Z” for Zoe, covered with faux flowers.
Homemade sugar scrub placed in favor jars which double as place cards.
Backdrop to the buffet, made by Wendy’s husband, decorated with ribbon streamers and photos.
Fantastic job Wendy!  Perfect for a bridal shower also!

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  1. I love these colors! what company did you use to print the signs/labels for the sugar scrub? great job!!

  2. It's so true about photographers and décor!

    Looks stunning!! Looks stylish but not fussy, if you know what I mean. Has an elegant, "mama-baby feel" to it! 🙂


  3. I love the backdrop too! How is that put together?

    The colors are so lovely!

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