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So we’re finally moved into the new house {it only took 10 days…} and yesterday I was emptying boxes and trying to find a home for things, and trying to make little decorative vignettes where I could. I placed my vintage rolling cart in the corner of the morning room and started filling it with whatever bar themed items I came across. I was really just doing it for my own satisfaction and thought I’d instagram a photo….then I decided I’d play around with some shots using my real camera….then I realized I could turn it into a blog post!

There’s no new Earth shattering information to share here – I’ve talked about the rolling bar carts trend before, but I did think it would be fun to share how I styled my bar cart for every day living. It looks really cute for home decor, plus it always looks like you’re ready for a party!

vintage seltzer bottle and decanters on bar cartcolorful drink stirrers on bar cartbar cart accessoriescocktail napkins, glasses and tray on bar cartdrink themed books on bar cartvintage-bar-cart-styled

How I Styled My Bar Cart

  • I think every room should have a bit of sparkle whether it’s a mirror in the foyer, stainless appliances in the kitchen, or silver and glass accessories in ANY room. This cart adds sparkle to the corner of the room with the use of silver tray and cocktail shakers, decanter bottles, and my newest ebay purchase, a vintage seltzer bottle. Put everything together on a lucite tray and it looks modern and clean.
  • I’ve mentioned before that I’m keeping the walls “builder beige” for the time being, so bringing in color through accessories and art is important. The colorful cocktail stirrers add a punch of color to the cart, as well as the red and yellow vase we got in France years ago, and golden billy buttons.
  • A stack of books also brings in color, and I gathered up several of my drink recipe books to fit right in.
  • One more tip – you may or may not notice right away, but it DOES make a difference. The trick to creating visual balance is to zig zag the placement of like items or the more ‘weighty’ items. For instance, I started on the top shelf and placed the ‘heavy’ tray on the left. For the second shelf the weight from the silver tray is on the right, and on the bottom shelf the heavier books are on the left again. This keeps the eye moving and keeps the cart looking balanced.

So what do you think?  Do you have a rolling cart you can turn into a bar?

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  1. I’ve been on the hunt for a bar cart for a while. I love that you use mostly all clear glass items. Very pretty. And we have that builder grade paint situation as well. Pops of color are everything!

    1. I hope you find one Jessica!
      I’m actually enjoying the “clean” look of the walls since my old house was full of more saturated tones. Now I’m on the hunt for fabulous art work! 🙂

  2. Very nice Chris and cheers to the new home you are settling into. May you find peace and happiness therein.

    1. Thanks Blanca. I debated whether to use the colorful ones or all silver ones and the punch of color won out!

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