Free Backyard BBQ Printables (sign and labels)

Free backyard bbq printables table sign and food tags for summer cookouts, buffet tables, and table settings. The red, white and blue color design will work for Memorial day, Labor day, and 4th of July. Download and print so you can add them to your summer party ideas.

red and blue table setting in back yard.

Backyard BBQ Party Printables

These backyard barbecue printables and party ideas will inspire you all summer long. The red, white and blue design is perfect for Memorial day, 4th of July, and Labor day.

Get inspiration for displaying food on a cookout buffet table, plus more table decoration tips to help you throw the best backyard bbq party.

small dresser outside holding party sign and potato chip cones.

Welcome Table

Set up a welcome table near the entrance of the party space. When you’re outside and have wide open space it can help define the area.  

Bring an indoor table outside and place the framed printable sign on it.

red, white and blue printed backyard bbq sign in frame.

Make snack cones and fill them with red and blue potato chips to match the theme. Guests can grab a cone and walk around the party freely. 

PARTY TIP: Use an old soda crate to display the snack cones. Find vintage crates at antique or thrift stores.

Use outdoor game paraphernalia as part of the décor. Place a couple of croquet balls in a wire basket.

Speaking of games, our favorite thing to do is play bocce ball or corn hole.  You don’t need a lot of space for these, nor will you exert yourself too much while playing.

outside summer cookout buffet table with food.

Summer Party Buffet

Incorporate some of these ideas into your food buffet. Serve a classic menu of burgers but instead of making them full size, grill them as small sliders. I usually fill up my plate with summer side dishes, and a full size burger can sometimes be too much. 

Plus you could have different burger recipes like my Asian style burger, and sundried tomato burger alongside the best juicy burger recipe.

Use the downloadable tent cards to let guests know what they’re eating.

wire tiered stand with jars of baked beans and condiments on it.

Transfer sauces into pretty containers. If there’s one thing you can do to elevate the design of a party, it’s serving your condiments in a lovely container.

baked beans in small jar with printable labels.

Serve baked beans in small canning jars. They’re the perfect single serving size and guests can just grab and go. No messy drips while spooning from bowl to plate.

Add the printable circles on top of the jar lids for festive display decoration. Each circle has fun bbq themed words.

jars for drinks with straws and name tags tied on.

Use 8-ounce canning jars to serve drinks in. It’s and inexpensive idea and works great with an iced tea bar, a lemonade bar, punch, even beer.

Tie a tag on each jar so your guests can write their name on it and keep up with their beverage.

red and blue place setting on outdoor table.

Easy Table Setting

The dinner table is set rather simply, but the layering makes it more interesting to look at. 

  • Turn wooden planter boxes upside down to act as a base for flower arrangements. 
  • Upcycle aluminum cans by washing them and using them as rustic flower vases.
  • Tie coordinating fabric around the can to instantly dress them up for any occasion.  
  • Create place settings with red and blue dishes. Use melamine for non-breakable option outside.
  • Add whimsical table decorations like a vintage-style wood & peg puzzle and a dish filled with retro-style bubble gum.
old fashioned bubble gum piled in dish.

Free Download & Print Signs

Kori of Paper & Pigtails has generously provided this printable set for FREE download here, so you can create your own backyard bash! This is exclusive to Celebrations At Home and includes 5 designs.

  • Backyard BBQ welcome sign to frame and place on table.
  • Editable tent cards for food labels or place cards.
  • BBQ themed circles you can attach to the tops of jar lid, or print on sticker paper to adhere to snack bags or boxes, cups, etc.
  • Write-in diamond-shaped tags (name tags on jars).
  • Circle “Thank You” tags.

Don’t forget to see the build-your-own shortcakes bar.

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  1. Chris, wonderful work you do!
    would you mind sharing where you got all your fabric from?
    trying to do a barn party for my little guy that will be turning
    5 next month and i need to find some fabric.

  2. I love the colors of the theme it’s soooo summery!!!! I especially loved the details as it brings out the unique feeling of summer!!

    Love your work!!

    Ruthie Turner – FL Wedding & Event Planner
    Costa del Sol Events, Inc.

    1. Thank you Ruthie. I loved creating it and I’m glad to see so many people enjoy it. 🙂

  3. Absolutely gorgeous styling…every detail is just beautiful! Love the vintage Americana feel!

  4. Over the top AWESOME!! I love your ideas, colors, fabric, flowers…everything.

  5. That red and white bell-shape – is that a bell? Did you make it?? How did you make it?? With what? I REALLLLYYY like it! 🙂

  6. Looove the baked beans in the mason jars! I included them in my round up today!

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    Have a wonderful day !

  8. Everything is so fun with table games and great color!
    But, I fell in love with the mini Mason Jars of Baked Beans and the cute labels. That take it over the top.
    Wondering if there is anything to do to keep them warm?

    1. Thank you Diane,
      Hmm, we always eat baked beans at room temperature, but maybe you could cover them with a hot soaked towel, or sit them in a shallow pan of hot water?

  9. Love the baked beans in a jar. Did my invitation get lost in the mail again? This was so fabulous!

  10. I need to set up my studio with patriotic flair, but feel so lazy!This is definitely inspiring! I love the potato salad in the planter urn! Ok, now for the desert table!

  11. At first glance I thought the gum were hand wipes in the sink container which would be great especially for a BBQ!

  12. Lovely as always Chris! love the beans in the jelly jars! There are so many things you can do with those!

  13. Lovely Printables, but I must admit a grin stretched across my face when I saw the vintage games and treats on the table…stunning darling!

  14. Cute vintage touches! I'm pretty much a ninja at that peg-jumping game…so glad you included it! 🙂

  15. Chris, thank you for the printables! Just in time for Memorial Day or July 4th! The table looks awesome and I always get great ideas over here from you or your features! We had my son's hotdog BBQ/treehouse party last weekend! I will post it soon and send it to you! Love coming over here! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  16. Love all the photos and great tips, Chris. So fun we could link up. Wish we could all have dinner together now! 🙂

  17. I love, love, love this! The setup is perfect and the printables are so, so cute! I LOVE that they are editable in a cute font 🙂
    Thank you!
    Laurie 🙂

  18. I love this Chris! I totally agree about sliders vs big burgers! And I LOVE the baked beans in a jar!!! What a great way to make a "messy food" easier! Love it!!

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