Ice Cream Sundae Bar for 9th Birthday

Winter birthday parties for kids can be tough! Especially when you are trying to pull one together in the midst of the snow storms of the century! This was a dinner party/sleepover for my 9-year-old daughter. Tacos for dinner and an ice cream sundae bar with mini cupcakes for the dessert. Here is the 411 for this party:
  • The decor was simply based on ‘red, green, and yellow‘ as chosen by the birthday girl. I picked 6 fun fabrics to create a flag banner, table runner, and straw flags.
  • The place settings included a paper “fortune teller” which the girls where able to customize with their own silly sayings.
  • We had to hand-write name cards (as opposed to printing them) because of some last minute uncertainty and changes due to the snow storm (sometimes you’ve just gotta roll with it!).
  • I used acrylic risers on the Sundae Bar to create different levels to display the toppings which included mini crushed oreos, chocolate toffee bits, m&m’s, chocolate jimmies, chocolate fudge, caramel, and whipped cream topping. We also had mini cupcakes, piroulines, and cherries. We actually pre-scooped ice cream into the sundae dishes and set them in the freezer on a tray until time to bring them out.
  • To help the cherries stand up, I put a layer of sugar onto the dish and nestled the cherries into it.
  • Take home favors were large cupcakes housed in a cupcake box (great invention!) and an ice cream lollipop.
  • No organized activities were needed for this party as 3rd grade girls are pretty adept at entertaining themselves. The fortune tellers provided lots of laughter and entertainment, as well as the Wii game system, and good old fashioned girl time!
The one thing I would have added is this – I would have wrapped each mini cupcake in the same coordinating papers as used on the dinner table decor. I think it would have helped them ‘pop’ against the white serving bowls behind them. For better views see my Flickr Set, or Facebook page.

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  1. Hey Chris!!

    Featured your Party at Bird Crafts!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again for linking up!


  2. Thanks Bird! If I remember correctly I think I used regular craft glue for the straw flags. I used hot glue for the bunting. For hanging backdrops I've used a couple of techniques. I've used removable adhesive wall hooks to hang a dowel across; I've used an existing curtain rod over a window; and I've used duct tape which now comes in colors! I've not had any trouble removing the tape from the walls and it does hold well. I've got some in white from local craft store (Michael's).

    Hope that helps!;D

  3. Ah, another teeny question if I may…backdrops! How do you keep them on the walls!!! I tried double-sided tape, but sometimes comes off ๐Ÿ™


  4. Oh Chris!!

    Another stunning event!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I too loved the cupcake boxes and the ice cream lollipops!!

    Those fabric straw flags are just stunning too!! Did you glue the with hot glue or fabric glue?

    Those cute milk bottle are so charming!!



  5. The party turned out great! Thank you for always posting how to's and behind the scenes info!

  6. This is beautiful Chris, the colors are so vibrant and fun and the serving dish with all the candies is perfect! Love it all.

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