8 Ways To Dress Up Your Drink For Halloween

Dress up your drink for Halloween with one or more of these fun ideas. With 8 looks to choose from, you’re sure to find one to suit your needs.

8 ways to dress up your drink for Halloween

Whether you are hosting an adult soiree or a family friendly gathering for Halloween this month, here are 8 ways you can dress up your drinks for the party. Half the fun of Halloween after all, is the décor and these range from cute to creepy!

Dress Up Your Drink for Halloween:

Dress up your drink for Halloween with ghostly milk bottles

  • These GHOSTLY bottles of milk from my kids Halloween dessert table are perfect for the kids to help wash down all those sweets. Simply wrap a small foam ball with cheesecloth and punch out 2 eyes with a hole punch and glue on.  Place the ‘ghost’ on top of milk bottles to display – so easy!
Dress up your drink for Halloween with weird science beakers
  • For a mad scientist feel, use science beakers and fill with green punch and a straw like I did for this Halloween themed food party for kids.
Dress up your drink for Halloween with Gothic glam details
  • Serve up a green Halloween punch with style. Add some bling with Halloween adhesives to the side of the glass for a gothic glam look.
Dress up your drink for Halloween with bewitching bottles
  • Orange soda bottles get dressed up with witch hats and printable cut-outs. The hats are made with black paper, foam sheets, ribbon, and a tiny pompom. I used printables from Love the Day to make bottle wraps and hang tags.

For a look that’s a little more CREEPY try one of these:

Dress up your drink for Halloween with poison passion
  • To serve a champagne cocktail I filled a test tube with cranberry juice and placed it in the champagne flute. Individual bottles of bubbly are provided so guests can mix their own drink at the table. Adding a skull motif with adhesives, a bottle label, and hang tags dresses it all up!
Dress up your drink for Halloween with creepy cubes
  • For the guest who likes a highball or simple soda, try freezing plastic spiders in ice cubes for a CHILLING surprise.  And to add a twist to the traditional glass, I used mini “fish bowl” vases from the craft store as a tumbler instead!
Dress up your drink for Halloween with a Vampire's bite
  • To add a BITE to red wine, dip the rim of your glass in corn syrup that’s been tinted with red food coloring. The slow drips down the side look like blood and adding a set of vampire teeth to the side of the glass adds to the effect.
Dress up your drink for Halloween with chilled to the bone ice shapes
  • Another way to add pizzazz to a cocktail is by using shaped silicone trays to make themed ice cubes. These skull and crossbones look very cool floating on top of our black magic cocktail, while keeping it nice and chilled.

So which is your favorite?

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  1. These are all sooo cute & fun for a fabulous Halloween party. The champagne cocktail & the skull & crossbone ice cubes are my favorites!

    1. Thanks Wendy – the champagne cocktail is my favorite too!…And the “ghost” milks for kids : )

  2. Hello- I love the test tubes! I have been looking for some with a black lid, could you please tell me where you got them? Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jenny! Those are available now in the baking/decorating section, filled with Halloween themed sprinkles. I’ve seen them at Target, Michael’s, etc.

    1. Ha! Those are mini “fish bowl” vases from craft stores. Makes a very cool drinking glass, right!? ; D

      1. The mini fish bowl votive holders are AMAZING as glasses! love love love!
        I’m helping plan a Halloween Baby Shower, and I will definitely be stealing that idea! 🙂

  3. I am loving the ice cubes and the witches hats, brilliant party ideas as usual darling. All the best, Coryanne

  4. Thank you all! I think the test tube may be my favorite – and it doesn’t hurt that it is Champagne! ; D

  5. Great tips!! I love all of those ideas – especially the test tubes!!


  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE these – Definitely in my file now for our fun Halloween week celebrations ! Awesome!

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