5 Ways to Make Your Event Feel Special

I’m sharing 5 Ways to Make Your Event Feel Special for those occasions that you want to stand out and make an impression. Think milestone birthdays, showers, engagements & small weddings at home. Put these tips into play whenever you want to create a memorable event. Add these to other anniversary party ideas for a festive celebration.

5 ways to make your event feel special

We talk a lot about laid back entertaining here on CAH, but sometimes you want to pull out all the stops to give your guests the best experience you can. I’m highlighting some of my favorite details that can take your party from casual to special.

1. Make your event feel special right from the start with invitations

5 Ways to Make Your Event Feel Special starting with invitations from Evite

I think we can all agree that special times call for special invitations. Evite now has it’s Annual Premium Pass that offers unlimited digital invitations that have the look and feel of printed ones. You can fully customize the digital envelopes, photo or text inserts, even stamps!

We’re living in a digital world and elevating the invitation experience in this way will certainly make your event feel special right from the beginning. With Evite’s Annual Premium Pass you can party all year long for one price, and ad-free interface. I’ve got a special promo code for you to use, at the bottom, that will give you an extra month FREE when you sign up!

2. Personalization makes your guests feel special

5 Ways to Make Your Event Feel Special including personalized favors for guests

I think we’ve all had that experience where you receive a small gift that seems as if the presenter saw right into your soul and knew what you would love. Personalized details at an event are kinda like that. As the host, you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy gifts for all your guests. Something as simple as a note at each place setting can do the trick. It lets the guest know that you were thinking of them specifically for a brief moment. And who doesn’t love that?

3. Flowers make any occasion more special

5 Ways to Make Your Event Feel Special including beautiful flower arrangements

Let’s face it, flowers aren’t one of the top expenses of a wedding for nothing. They add beauty to any space and an air of elegance to any occasion. When your guests see a beautiful flower arrangement (or two) they know this is going to be a special event.

4. Add something unexpected to make your event feel special

this chair wall decor is one of many Ways to Make Your Event Feel Special

One of my favorite extra touches to any event is when there’s something unexpected. It can be anything big or small. For a wedding it could be a cultural dance performed by a dance troop, or for a smaller party it might be a house DJ rallying up a Soul Train line. It’s about making your guests say, “I didn’t expect that!”

5. Create abundance for a feeling of being spoiled

5 Ways to Make Your Event Feel Special; bubbly bar

I have to admit, when I go to a special event I get a little excited thinking about the abundance of choices there will be when it comes to food and drink. When you offer your guests a wide selection whether its appetizers, the main course, a bubbly bar, or a dessert buffet, they automatically feel special. It’s not something we get to experience in our everyday life so when we do we feel very indulged and catered to. It reminds me of the saying, “the way to their heart is through the stomach.”

There you have 5 ways to make your event feel special from beginning to end. Start with the customized invitations from Evite and end with an abundant dessert table or personalized gift. 

The key really is to be thoughtful in your approach as a host and make everyone feel good and comfortable. Cheers!

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