5 Tips for an Easy Game Day Party

5 easy game day party tips

The countdown to Super Bowl is on, and today I’m sharing 5 tips for an easy game day party. I’ve partnered with Evite and Qdoba to bring you these tips because I think sometimes we tend to over-think things or get overwhelmed with what needs to be done, etc. A Super Bowl viewing party should be one of the more laid back and enjoyable parties you can host, don’t you think!

Check out the tips below and put them into action for a stress-free game day party…

5 game day football party tips

5 Tips for an Easy Game Day Party:

  1. Brainstorm and Plan – I live by my written lists. Start your planning session by writing it all down on paper and prioritizing with a time line. Include cleaning, shopping, calling ahead for catering, etc.
  2. Get Help – Hire a helping hand or barter with a friend, but definitely get some help where needed. Delegate tasks such as cleaning, babysitting, making a dessert, etc.
  3. Order Out – I love to make party food, but I also love a good catering option! Nothing says “party” like a buffet of Mexican food such as Qdoba’s catered menu. This will save you a ton of time!
  4. Plan Logistics – Where will everyone sit? Where will the food be set up? How many tv’s will you have? These are all things you can plan and arrange ahead of time. Use folding chairs or rental chairs, make sure the food is easy to get to and set apart from the drinks, and if you can, have at least two televisions set up to be viewed from different angles.
  5. Drinks Anyone? – Speaking of drinks, make sure they are set apart from the food, but easy to get to. Clean out and stock the fridge if you’re able, or have coolers, galvanized tubs, or even one side of a double sink, filled with ice and plenty of beer and beverages.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to send out Evites to your guests and get ready to watch the big game! And, you can see even more information about these 5 step to an easy football party on their Gatherings blog.

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  1. Used to use Qdoba catering for work functions …So good and so easy. Need to do for personal parties! And, yes to evite…So easy and such cute designs! (Super fun party pics, too!)

  2. Great ideas! We always host a Super Bowl party & easier is always better when it comes to the food. (Love all your Steelers stuff!)

  3. We catered our holiday party this year for the first time and it was so much easier. I love this idea to cater from somewhere like Qdoba. Who doesn’t love Mexican food? And I always use evite. I know some people love hard-copy invites, but evite is my everything!

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