Ideas for an Ice Cream Party

5 ideas for an ice cream party

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Since it’s Summer {almost officially} it’s time to make ice cream a part of your get-togethers and celebrations. And while I have a whole category devoted to “ice cream” I wanted to highlight some ideas that would be great to incorporate.

Here are 5 ideas for an ice cream party:

  1. Make this Biscoff ice cream pie for dessert and your guests and family will love you for it!
  2. Get your self some push pop containers and fill them with ice cream, sherbet, or gelato. It’s nostalgic {remember the push-ups from the ice cream truck?} and delicious! See this entire ice cream sundae party here.
  3. Set up a ‘build your own ice cream sandwiches & floats’ bar. Everything you need to know is listed for you.
  4. Another “build your own” bar idea is this banana split bar. You can even add in a few monkeys for a whimsical touch.
  5. Even though these “ice cream cones” don’t actually serve ice cream, they’re cute enough to include in an ice cream party.

Which idea is your favorite? Have a great day.

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