Marshmallow Halloween Treats

What do all these Halloween treats have in common? They’re all done quickly and easily with Marshmallows! If you get started now, you may just be able to whip up one or two of these goodies for tonight. If not, just Pin these ideas for next year.

These are all fun and creative and use regular marshmallows or fun seasonal shapes. Follow the links to see how to create each idea, and then, just for fun, check out the incredible Marshmallow Haunted House created by the queen of marshmallows, Alejandra of The Marshmallow Studio.

9 Easy Ideas for Marshmallows:

  1. Marshmallow Voodoo Doll
  2. Frankenstein pops
  3. Candy Corn marshmallows
  4. Marshmallow witches
  5. Ghost S’mores Packs
  6. Skeleton graham cookies
  7. Marshmallow Spiders
  8. Pumpkin garnish
  9. Pumpkin necklace

This marshmallow haunted house is pure eye candy {no pun intended}. As I mentioned Alejandra is the marshmallow queen and she created this as part of her work with Jet Puffed Marshmallows. I can’t believe the details and the fact that it’s all edible! Maybe next year this will find it’s way into your party centerpiece?

Happy Halloween everyone!

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