Winter Birthdays

For all the winter birthdays out there, don’t fight the season, incorporate it into your birthday decor! For the ‘adult’ birthday celebration, set a beautiful table with rich brown and blue hues. It doesn’t “scream” winter, but it certainly does give that cozy warm feeling when you are coming in from the cold. Of course you can serve an ‘icing on the cake’ cocktail with a candle as garnish…so cute and original!
For the child’s birthday party, go ahead and use snow as your inspiration. Have the kids cut out paper snowflakes and use them for decor. Using white lacy doileys also adds to the snowy feel without being too overt.
Wrap cupcakes with round doiley edging, and top with rock sugar or sprinkles to mimic icey crystals.
child’s party: from Williams Sonoma Kids Parties book
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  1. Christi Bennett @ pisforparty says

    The adult party is gorgeous! I have been wanting to try a ribbon topper like that. Where did you find the kid party pictures?? They are from the William Sonoma Kids Party book, but I have not been able to find the pictures online. The book has the cutest ideas!

  2. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    Christi, I put source "unknown" becouse I have had those pictures saved forever – pre blog! And you are right, when I went to search for them again for a credit, I couldn't find them any more :(
    But, thanks for the heads up about the William Sonoma Kids Party book!

  3. Jess says

    That kids party is amazing! The cupcakes look lovely and the table is done in my favorite color palette!

  4. Helen M says

    I adore chocolate and blue!!! these were the colours I chose for my godson's christening, complete with favour boxes, teddy bears and all decorative elements for his special day!!!

  5. Morgan says

    These themes are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I love the cupcakes with the doily cutout and crystals – I have to find a reason to make those :).h