Who Knew The Magic Of Cellophane?!

On a tight budget? Break out the cellophane! These vases are filled with crumpled cellophane and water, people!!!! And if it’s good enough for a wedding of 500 guests, then it’s good enough for you ; ) I found this on Australia Entertains, and was their way of working with a “tight” budget….hmmm, okay, I’ll play along. No matter. It looks like a million bucks!

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  1. lisalyn says

    For real???? I love it! My niece is getting married next July and she has VERY little budget to work with and she has put me in charge of the decorating. I am going to show her this idea and see if she would like it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lifeoftheparty says

    Wow! That's super creative – I'd never have thought cellophane could be so pretty. The feather's really lend a hand at making these elegant and classy.

  3. lisalyn says

    I tried this at home! :)
    I showed my niece and her fiance' this weekend and they really liked it. It really is a pretty look. We thought about putting a piece of gold cellophane in it to match their decor better. Will try that later. :)

  4. Cellophane Wrap says

    This idea is great!! Especially, for this bad economy like this and people who have tight budget.