White Chocolate Popcorn Treats

I found this delicious treat on Be different…Act normal. A great addition to your next ‘sweets table’, take-home goodie bag, or even just serve at a party. The instructions can be found on Make and Takes. This is easy to make using air-popped popcorn (I use this microwave popper I found at Target-needs no oil), chocolate bark, and some m&m’s. I think it might be fun to add some small pretzels or almonds as well. Yummmmmm.

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  1. danalou says

    This is awesome when you add the following items –

    a.) 1 cup of Fritos
    b.) 1 cup of Kix
    c.) drizzle dark chocolate over it when it is cooling on a tray

    It has become a favorite in my house and at parties!!

  2. Your Spiritual Cheerleader says

    You can also use microwave popcorn (without the butter) and a bag of Make N' Mold chocolate flavored wafers, which are sold at Walmart or your craft store. The wafers come in different colors, so, you could dress your popcorn to match the color of your event/theme. Be creative…know that YOU ARE blessed.

  3. OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique says

    Oh YUMMY!! Popcorn and white chocolate ~ 2 of my favorite things! Thanks for sharing! :))