What’s New: Our Project Preview

There are a few key times during the year that it seems I can barely keep up with work {and life} with styling gigs, writing articles, creating fabulous blog posts, maintaining social media, etc…. This is one of those times – the Holiday Season! I’m not complaining though. I’ve worked hard to get here and I wouldn’t want it any other way {BTW, thanks to YOU guys for reading and being supportive}.

With that said I want to let you in on some of the things I’ve been doing lately, behind the scenes.

I began writing for HomeMade Simple {owned by Procter & Gamble – not bad, hey?}. Their format is very informative and concise, which is kinda how I roll. I’d love for you to check out my first two articles that are on point for Halloween and Fall decorating.

The first article is about decorating a Spooky entry for your home, using 3 easy pieces. Very timely for Halloween next week.

The second article is also timely and it’s all about how to make your own scarecrow. This will take you all the way through Thanksgiving!

I’ve also been busy with some styling projects. I created a classic Holiday cocktail party for Celebrations, that will be live soon. I also contributed a Plaid inspired dinner party for The Party Dress magazine, and worked with Yum Food & Fun magazine again, styling a kids cookie exchange party {with a new printable set by Paper & Pigtails}. These will all be available very soon, and in the mean time I’m working on a few more holiday projects that you’ll see shortly.

Random Ramblings: I just bought a new camera and I can’t wait to get it and learn how to use it!! As you know, photography is a HUGE factor in publishing a pretty blog and I’m always trying to improve…. omg, my photos from my first couple of years blogging are down right embarrassing! So bad that I pretty much gave up on creating my own content because no matter how cute it looked in real life, the pictures couldn’t do it justice.
I once had a conversation with my friend Amy {of Operation Shower fame} and we agreed that you could take a picture of a David Tutera event and it wouldn’t translate with poor photography. Conversely, you could take a picture of a soup can filled with weeds and with the right photography it would look like a million bucks. So, needless to say I’m just giddy with anticipation of my new “toy”!

See you tomorrow.  Have a great day!

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