What Can You Do With Ribbon?

Talk about bang for your buck! You can create a fantastic statement by using simple ribbon in unique ways. I love the personalized banners as much as everyone else, but look at how adorable this ribbon banner above, is. ANYONE can do this!

Look at all the fabulous ways you can use ribbon to blow in the breeze. Tie them to the backs of chairs with long tails to the floor…tie them to paper lanterns…tie them to candle lanterns(that are enclosed) and let them hang from the trees.
Bring the ribbon to the table, too! I’m loving the cake base, and table runner. Wrap a simple vase to coordinate with decor, and hang a single strip above a console table to hang pictures, cards, or that personalized banner ; )
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  1. Dollface says:

    I heart the ribbons around the flower vases, xxxooo

  2. I love so many of these ideas – thanks for sharing them

  3. michelle says:

    The ribbons on the table looks so great! Love the color over the white tablecloth.

  4. Brooke Meyenberg says:

    Love, love, love this! So many fun and easy to create ideas!

  5. chris-
    new blog layout is FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!! your inspiration shines even more now!!

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