Welcome To The New Site

I’ve gotten some great feedback on the new site and I’m so glad to hear it.  My goal was to make this an easy to navigate site, where you could quickly find what you’re looking for.  A big thanks to my designer Shaunawho really knows her stuff when if comes to moving one from Blogger to WordPress.  I highly recommend her, and I would be a lost puppy without her!

Now, I’d like to highlight some of the new features that I think will be helpful for you:

I love how all the blog posts are laid out in sort of an index form with thumbnails of each one.  This provides easy browsing and you don’t have to scroll through long posts to get to an older post.


If you like to flip through posts chronologically, simply use the links at the bottom of each post to either go forward or backward.

The same categories exist for blog posts (baby shower, boys birthday, etc.), but now in addition there is a “tag” cloud for even more specific browsing.

In the menu bar are most of the categories you would use in your search.  I thought about how I like to search for things and what makes the most sense.  Some tabs are multi-purpose such as theSeasonal” tab.  You can either look at all posts for a season, or narrow it down to specific holidays within that season.

In the “Other” tab you’ll find an array of miscellaneous posts that don’t necessarily relate to a specific occasion, but more overall occasions.  I particularly like the “Themes” section and the “Style” section.

One of my big goals for the site was to have a professional portfolio gallery.  Most of these are styling projects I’ve worked on for/with others.  Each gallery on the Portfolio page has it’s own set of photos that can be viewed larger and in a slide show format once you click on the thumbnail.

I’m also now able to integrate my Amazon Party Shop into the site so you don’t have to leave it to shop.  It consists of hand-picked party items that are processed by Amazon.

I think I’ve covered most of the major changes/additions here.  I still have a few ideas I’d like to integrate including my blog roll page, but until then, happy searching!

And don’t forget to join me in the Ebates Savvy Living community.  Today’s topic is Hostess Gifts!

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  1. Eva says

    Well, it looks pretty, I’ll give you that, but for anyone who just wants to read the blog, without having it in snippets, it’s not fun. A snippet text with a picture makes just browsing a blog impossible. I have to click on every link to find out if there are interesting details, and that is just making it harder. I love you blog and the ideas you present, but quite frankly I’m not very tempted to come her because it takes too much time and effort to go through your posts. Pity.

  2. Chris says

    Sorry Eva. I realize I can’t please everyone : (
    I wanted to make it easy for anyone looking for specific ideas, which I think it is. My typical posts are so long that scrolling & scrolling through several posts on a single page was just too much.
    We did add the “Previous Post” and “Next Post” links at the end of each post so you could browse through similarly to the traditional blog pages.

    Thanks for your input. I do hope you continue to visit.