Vintage Parisian Dessert Table {Guest Feature}

Get ready to take a trip back in time with this beautiful Parisian-style dessert table sent in by Heather and Jason of Hello My Sweet. It’s reminescent of a ladies dressing table from 1940’s Paris, filled with love letters, photos, and vanity essentials….only instead of powder and perfume we have pastries and baked goods. The romantic & vintage feel of it is just perfect for a bridal shower or milestone anniversary.

With design concept in mind they chose a soft, muted color scheme and created a lovely table setting. Here are some of the details from the submission: “We decided to go with a taupe muslin for our “vanity” top covering. We also picked up a length of fringe and some lace in pale pink. The fringe, while being a tad bit on the expensive side, was gorgeous and I had plans to spruce up a well used cake stand with it.

We borrowed some unique family heirlooms that we thought would look great on our vintage table. A china plate with real 22k gold trimming, a woman’s oval mirrored vanity tray with gold filigree, a pewter jewelry box with some very intricate carvings, a picture frame from the 1940’s, a gilded plant/birdhouse stand, and several books with copyright dates ranging from 1917 to the 1930’s. All of it, super old and super cool! And an awesome Tassel Garland is from Carmen of PomFlair.”

The addition of home decor items goes a long way in creating the right feel for this themed table. Many of these things can easily be found at thrift stores if you don’t have grandma’s attic to hunt in. Apothecary jars are almost everywhere these days and very affordable – check craft stores, home stores, even Target & Walmart.

Styling and some baked goodsHello My Sweet / Tassle Garland – PomFlair


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  1. Happy Wedding Anniversary says

    Totally amazing! What a way to celebrate. Can’t pick a favourite!
    Thank you for posting.