Vintage Goes Modern {guest feature}

I’m Super Excited to share this inspiration photo shoot with you!  It’s a collaboration between Sharon of Cupcakes and Cutlery, and Found Rental.  Sharon wanted to show how you could use just a few show-stopping (vintage) pieces and work them into vignettes to create the look you want.  She also managed to give the looks a modern spin, as opposed to shabby chic or rustic vintage.
First up is an adorable baby shower.  Using the bassinet and some old wooden boxes gives the party character, while the hanging streamers and choice of colors bring it up to date.  Those fantastic paper doilies are printables from Paper and Cake, while the pleated garlands are from Hank & Hunt…love those!
To create a fun (and masculine ?) birthday display, some wonderful vintage suitcases were used.  Add in map-print paper airplanes, vibrant colors, and modern bottle wrappers, and this party flies you right in to the 21st century.
It’s cocktail time!  Using sleek old rolling carts, Sharon created a bar area complete with mocktail recipes and a custom play list.  The backdrop fabric, once again, keeps the look current, as does the placement of the frames.  The addition of the vintage seltzer bottles is the icing on the cake for this one!
I want to give a big Thank You to Sharon for sharing these photos with me.  I absolutely love her concepts and ideas.  Another tip she gave to make these looks easy to create and affordable – use your basic card table (as seen in the baby shower & birthday parties).  Draped with fabric it makes the perfect spot for setting drinks, snacks, favors, or a “write a note” station.  Visit Cupcakes and Cutlery for more.
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  1. [email protected] says

    Loving these little vignettes! And we're super appreciative that she used our doilies!