Valentine’s Gift Wrap & Paper Flower DIY

easy paper flower gift topper

After working with Paula from Frog Prince Paperie, on the Queen of Heart Valentine’s shoot, I had several printed papers left over from the collection.  I decided I’d create something fun with them using 2 different patterns and a few other crafty embellishments. 

The printable papers make a great gift wrap for small (sparkly?) gifts so I chose to use one pattern for wrapping and another pattern for a heart-shaped flower rosette.

  1. What you’ll need:  2 patterned papers; paper or fabric flower pieces from scrapbook isle of craft store;  decorative brads; scissors, and hole punch.
  2. Make a fold down the side of the paper and cut out half of a heart shape, so that when you open it, it looks like a full heart.  You’ll need 5 of these for 1 flower.
  3. Layer the hearts on top of one another and punch a small hole at the bottom.
  4. Layer a flower piece on top of the heart shapes and push a brad through everything and secure it.  Now fan out the hearts to form a flower and attach it to your package using double sided tape.
I also added one of the straw flags from the collection, as a little “stem” to the flower for extra detail.  What other ways could you use these heart flowers?


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  1. So Pretty

  2. Christi Bennett @ pisforparty says:

    Cute, cute!

  3. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) says:

    So clever and creative! Imagine all that from "left overs"!

  4. very sweet idea :)

  5. How gorgeous! LOVE the idea!

  6. I'm thinking serving jar labels…

  7. The flower alone would be a cute decoration, maybe on a picture frame or door. I liked it so much, I shared your link on my Favorite Feeds Friday.


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