Valentine’s Day Table For Two

5 ideas for Valentines table for two

Today I’m waxing philosophical about Valentine’s Day. Why do we spend so much thought and time on the KIDS for Valentine’s Day when it is an ADULT ‘holiday’? I’m down with letting the kids pass out Valentines to the class room, but I think the REAL efforts should be going into doing something for our sweetheart. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about being in love, courtship, and romance! I see moms/wives spending hours making elaborate homemade cards or candy favors for Every. Kid. In. The. Class. But then nothing is planned out for their significant other. Am I the only one who thinks these efforts are misplaced {don’t send hate mail, please}?

In order to placate my self & hopefully remedy the situation I’ll give you an easy, totally do-able, idea that you can pull off between now and tomorrow evening – or Friday if it suits your schedule better. Put the kids to bed, or set them up with a movie, and have a little romantic dinner for two in front of the fire place. It doesn’t take much but it gets you out of the ordinary day to day routine, and puts the focus back where it should be – you two love birds.

The idea is to keep it low key and intimate. A meal of Fondue and Dessert for Two is a fun and novel way to go. I’ve shared my ideas and recipe for a ‘fondue for 2‘, and I changed things up a bit here with a rustic-modern table for dessert. Use a low table so you can sit on the floor surrounded by pillows and throws. Put on a fire in the fire place and pour a bottle of red, or bubbly, and toast to romance.

5 ideas for a Valentine's table for two

  • I found the red wood grain wrapping paper at Target over Christmas and it inspired my table design. I thought the wood grain would be appealing to the masculine side, while the red color would appeal to the feminine.

creative cake toppers

  • I made the chocolate caramel mini bundt cake for dessert, and decorated it with embellished skewers {made just like the embellished drink stirrers}. The felt puffy heart is an ornament from the $1 bin at Michael’s last year. The heart – a scrapbook adhesive, and the flag cut from the wrapping paper.

Valentine's day table for 2

  • I love the iconic symbol of initials carved into wood, and it was an obvious choice with the wood grain paper. I had the hubs carve out letters with his Dremel tool, and I used a Sharpie marker to draw inside the cuts and make them stand out. The wood disk is a coaster I got on sale at Target during Christmas, but you can cut your own wood disks from fallen branches.

rustic ornament as napkin tie

  • Another rustic wooden item I had on hand are these ornament tags with heart shapes on them {another $1 item from Michael’s last year}. I tied them on for a napkin ring and they coordinated perfectly.

Valentine's fortune cookies

  • Because variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to dessert, I set out these themed fortune cookies from Fancy Fortune Cookies, that have quotes specifically for Valentine’s Day. I love all the cute sayings!

5 ideas for Valentines table for two

How simple is that?!!

Will you take the time to do something romantic with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? 



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  1. KA says

    Chris you are AWESOME!! SUCH a good point and one that I think is SO important, too! Thanks for sharing that and for being willing to speak out on it!