Turn Inspiration Into Creation

I have always looked to grand events such as weddings for inspiration for party decor. I believe you can re-create most ideas and details on a smaller scale for your own personal celebrations at home. For instance, this wedding cake display looks lavish and grand. However I have re-created this idea for a baby shower some years back(pre digital camera). I set up a round table with desserts and a punch bowl and hung a white mosquito net from the ceiling to hang over it. I also hung a baby mobile inside the netting to add extra detail. Below is another great, very “designer” looking wall hanging of beautiful flowers. At first glance it looks very intimidating, but it would actually be pretty easy to copy. Just use any type of tray from the home store and cut floral foam to fit. Insert cut flowers into the foam and you have a gorgeous centerpiece or wall hanging for a shower or luncheon.

This next creation is one of my new favorite ideas! Use some old books from the thrift store and simply glue on leaves or moss to cover. Add embelishments from the craft store and you have a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

Finally, something for happy hour! Perfect for a bachelorette party or any girls-night-in party. Create this “Cosmopolitan” bouquet with a large martini glass from Michaels, a half-round floral foam, and some cut carnations. You could even fill the glass with glass beads to save a little money. Of course adding the limes and straw detail really carries the idea through.

So here’s my advice: Don’t be intimidated by the elements of large weddings, or fancy designers. You can create the same looks and ideas, and on a budget. Go create something!!

Top 3 photos from Brides.com

Bottom photo from flowersexpress.com
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