Turn an Everyday Space into an Entertaining Space

turn an everyday spot into an entertaining buffet

There’s no better way to use what you have for a party than to turn an every day space into an entertaining space. Here’s a tiny glimpse of our family room wall with the tv console on it {you can see the updated family room tour here}.  The first part of this post shows you how it looks on a daily basis, and the second half shows you how I turned this every day space into a game day entertaining spot.

These ideas are great if you live in a small home with limited space. Just clear off your surfaces and turn them into a food buffet!

turn an everyday spot into an entertaining buffetconsole table tray displayturn an everyday spot into an entertaining buffetturn an everyday spot into an entertaining buffetturn an everyday spot into an entertaining buffetturn your console table into a game day buffet

First, let me tell you the trick I used to fill the wall…  We knew this wall would be the tv wall, but it’s 17 feet long!  Any regular piece of furniture would get lost on it, and I wasn’t feeling the ‘entertainment centers’ I would see in the stores.  I also wanted something sleek and timeless and everything seemed to be overly traditional or contemporary.  And finally, we had to have a place for the oh so lovely cable box {eyes rolling} but didn’t want it to be out in the open when not in use.

I finally found this fabulous saga credenza from CB2.  It has a mid-century-modern style with sliding doors that can easily hide away the electronics when we want, and only one panel stays open when we are using it.  I bought 2 of them and pushed them side by side so we have a long seamless look that takes up most of the wall.  I love, love, love it!

To add height we hung a couple of 3 foot floating shelves on one end.  My plan is to fill the opposite end and the area surround the tv with a collage of prints, photos, and artwork {remove the ladder display that’s there now}.  That way the black box of a television will not stand out so much, but become more of a part of the collage so to speak.

Some of the items I’ve used to decorate the space:  stacked books {of course}, a hand painted art print from Kori Clark designs, some antlers I spray painted gold, a tray from HomeGoods, art, and random knick knacks that may get rotated on a whim.

What’s great about having one side dedicated to the tv is that I can turn the other side into a buffet for entertaining.  I just clear off most of the items and set out food and drinks – perfect for watching the big game so you won’t miss a play!

turn an everyday spot into an entertaining buffetturn an everyday spot into an entertaining buffet console table pigs in a blanketnapkins with antler as a holderturn an everyday spot into an entertaining buffet turn an everyday spot into an entertaining buffetturn an everyday spot into an entertaining buffetturn your console table into a game day buffet

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I cleared off the lower shelf to make way for drinks and dessert.  The credenza is turned into a serving area for soup or chili {in this case, Brunswick stew}.  I made use of the tray that was already there and placed a tureen, coffee mugs, and a vintage cut glass spoon holder.  Using coffee mugs with a handle to serve soup or chili from is a good idea when people may be walking around or sitting on the sofa.

One of the antlers becomes a napkin weight, and I filled the rest of the area with plates, a vase of flowers, and more game day snacks.

What do you think?  Do you have an everyday display piece that you can turn into a serving area?  It’s a great idea if you live in a small space, or you just want to move the party traffic into a different area.  You can see more ideas on this article I did for Homes.com.

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  1. Love this and I am so happy I am not the only one feeling like it’s taking so much longer to decorate this time around! Also, MY PRINT!!! YAY!! You just made my day! xo

  2. very nice Chris

  3. Where did you find he stair stepped tray for sodas? The transformation is impressive.

  4. I love this idea. One can also easily recreate this by getting rid of clutter to free up some space. :)

  5. Don’t forget – if you have extra items that need to be displayed – Tablevogue can transform even the most standard table into a fashionable display for food, beverage, and dessert service! Available online now : http://www.tablevogue.com

  6. Love the transformation – I’m a very practical person, so I’m all for making use of what I’ve got when I entertain.

  7. Everything looks fantastic! I love incorporating my favorite things into my entertaining spaces. The antlers were a cute touch!

  8. In NYC we have no other option for parties – clear a surface and use it as a buffet. But I love how you incorporated the serving onto the shelves above. Also LOVE how you bought two credenzas and pushed them together to get the size media console you wanted – so smart! I will have to remember that when we have more space to decorate. Thanks for the ideas!!

    • Thanks so much Ilana! You know what they say – when you don’t have horizontal space, you use your vertical space. Shelves are a great way to hold the overflow of items. :-)

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