Trend Alert: Lace

Oh My, I’ve been loving lace for so long now, I can’t believe I haven’t done a post about it yet!  Lace is one of my favorite materials being used in design these days.  From trims and ribbon, to large panels, I can’t get enough of it!  The popularity is directly related to the presence of vintage inspired designs, but it’s being used in very modern ways.
There are so many ways you can add a hint of lace in your decor.  Wrap wide lace borders around flower vases and candle votives as seen above.  Mix it up a bit by pairing it with a fabric underlay in another color, wrapping the entire glass from top to bottom, or using it only at the edges.   
Small delicate details are so impressive because usually they are the most unexpected.  Some eye-catching ideas here are to use it with place cards, create a cake stand border, wrap around napkins, and add a special detail to candy favors.  Search your nearest fabric store for some beautiful lace selections that you can incorporate in small ways. 
Lace can be a real statement piece when it’s used in central areas of an event.  I love creating lace swags and draping it across other props.  It’s easy to make a lace banner – just attach it at 2 points and use clothes pins to display cards, mini letters, photos, or anything else you can imagine.
Draping it along tables is a beautiful way to create runners or an interesting pattern.  There are so many colors and designs to choose from, you can have fun mixing and matching for a more eclectic combination. 
I hope you will give lace a try soon.  It’s not just for grandmother’s anymore!

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  1. Party Inspirations says

    I just love lace i used it as a backdrop for my daughters Owl themed Party,before i knew it i was using lace everywhere,so pretty :)

  2. Savvy Deets Bridal says

    Love the focus on uses of lace! Its so beautiful! Love the Martha Stewart image of lace wrapped candies atop the cake stand! Its all so beautiful!

  3. HiLLjO says

    I like your popup comment box now, btw! I love the candles. So romantic/parisian/sexy.

    I love lace! I am a huge fan of the crochet lace and any interestingly textured lace, like alencon. My wedding dress is an allover alencon gown; I love lace so much.

  4. Betty Bake says

    i particularly like the black lace – very striking!

    Have a fab day and thanks for sharing

    Betty Bake x

  5. Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead says

    Wow. I have so not been giving lace the full respect it deserves! I mean I love lace, but I never really gave it much thought when it comes to decorating. Love the table runner ideas and using it around vases and candle holders…such a simple way to dress them up!

  6. MEGMAC says

    Loving the lace! I almost did a post about it yesterday on my blog. Great work!