Trend Alert – Balloons En Masse

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in the last year, it’s that balloons are not just for kids parties any more. In fact they have been elevated to ‘stylish decor’ when used en masse, and in creative ways, for both kids parties and more formal events. It reminds me of a conversation I chimed in on about 2+ years ago (on Facebook I think). The topic was regarding using balloons for party decor and my response was to use them en masse so they really make a statement. This was back in the day when hanging lanterns and poms were all the rage so the concept of balloons was sort of “old fashioned” at the time.

I’m happy to see that the balloon trend is making it’s way back with sophisticated flair. Here are a few examples I’ve gathered to show them in action…

  • Starting at the top, balloons have been placed at different heights to add dimension to the space. A great way to frame out an area.
  • Next, balloons are attached to the backdrop to mimic bubbles!
  • Create an entire backdrop of balloons. This works particularly well in a corner.
  • Balloons add height and whimsy to the table as they are used as napkin ties.
  • Balloons don’t only float – fill them with air instead of hellium and let them fill some floor space to produce a magical, playful feel.
  • Float a load of balloons as a photo backdrop.  This will inspire lots of fun photos.

I really hope you’ll put balloons to good use in your parties {and not in a balloon arch}. There is something so nostalgic about them and yet so modern when they are displayed in these ways. How else would you like to see them displayed?


Photos from top: Ruffled Blog / Martha Stewart /  Grey Likes Weddings  / Celebrations At Home / Frog Prince Paperie  /  Mike Arick Photography


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  1. Mariela says

    I love balloons and I tried to attach the balloons to my wall with doble side tape, but i didnt work so well .
    What else I can do so the last longer?

    • says

      Mariela, I would try crepe adhesive tape instead of double sided tape. I have used it to fix pinwheels at a backdrop and it was perfect. Last for days. But you cannot use it folded (as if it was double sided). It surprised me how it worked much better (would not loose) and much easier to remove than the double side tape.

  2. says

    Chris, I liked so much this trend alert and I think it is really useful for those preparing their own parties. I have customers and readers in this situation, so I thought if I could republish this post on my blog, adding some more pictures of my own research.

    I never republished before and I think the correct, elegant and honest way of doing republishing in a blog would be similar to the way you write your posts when you are presenting someone else’s party. That is why I decided to write to you and ask if this is something Celebrations at home can allow me to do.

    If positive, I would republish it this way:

    – right from the beginning mention that the post was published by celebrations at home and that the trend alert is so worth sharing that I asked permission to share it in Portuguese too (this part I would write in English and in Portuguese)

    – provide the link to the original post (yours)

    – then publish your pictures and description, translating into Portuguese

    Awaiting for your response. Feel free to decline if it is not party of your policy.

    Thank you

  3. Maryann Slutsky says

    What kind of balloons did you use for the champagne bubbly balloon look on the wall? Where did you get them? They look very elegant!
    Thank you,