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I know it’s early and I’m personally not a proponent of putting up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, BUT in this job you’ve gotta get to things much earlier than normal, so this is how it looks in the Nease home in mid November. I want to chat about decorating your Christmas tree and give you some tips that can really make a difference, PLUS tell you how I do it so it’s easy to switch around each year.

Just so you know, we’ve ALWAYS purchased a real tree. I just love the smell of the fresh greenery. Well, now that we’ve moved, our ceilings are higher and the regular trees we would buy would look miniature in here, so when I received an offer from Tree Classics to review/decorate one of their trees, I jumped at the chance! I knew the time had come to bite the bullet and get an artificial tree…and I have to say my husband is so glad we did {no more cutting and trimming for him}.

I chose an 8 foot pre-lit tree and couldn’t be happier with how it looks, and the ease of setting it up {I did it alone while the husband was at work}.  Check out my tips for decorating your own tree, below…

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Choosing A Theme:

Since we now have a bigger tree, and new home decor, I had to update my Christmas decorations too. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on seasonal decorating because I’m still trying to design the rooms for year-round living {art work, furniture, storage, etc}. Thanks to a few smart deals I was able to do it without breaking the bank.

  • I bought a boxed set of 82 ornaments {Sam’s club for $32} in a gold and silver combo. There’s a mix of shapes, sizes, and textures to keep it interesting, and it blends in perfectly with the room.
  • The next step was to add garland and a topper. I bought 2 rolls of gold mesh ‘ribbon’ {2 rolls for $6} from Hobby Lobby. I used one roll to wrap around the tree, and the other to create a “poof” for the top. There’s still plenty leftover to incorporate in other areas, like gift wrapping or the fireplace mantel.
  • I chose to use gold and silver ornaments for a few reasons. First of all, I’m fickle. I like to change my decor every year in some way. I’ve gone from traditional, to woodland, to gilded, to whimsical, to snowy wonderland. Having a basic set of gold and silver ornaments means I can buy fewer “statement” pieces and fill in with the gold OR silver to cover the tree. This year I’ll stick with the gold and silver look and maybe next year I’ll add in some black and white for drama!
  • Although the ornament set came with hooks, I bought some decorative ones from Walmart for less than a dollar for 20. They look so much better and are much easier to use too.
  • For a tree skirt, I used a gold velvet throw, with feather trim. It’s a great FREE solution for something that can otherwise be pretty pricey.
  • Presents are also wrapped in the gold and silver palette. I love the music paper because it has a gold-ish tint and Holiday music is truly one of my favorite things.
  • Finally, I “splurged” on this deer from HomeGoods, to stand underneath the tree. Okay, $30 isn’t really a splurge, but like I said – I really want to spend my money on year round home decor right now, ya know! Anyway, it’s a great way to add another layer of interest to the Christmas tree.
  • You can see how I coordinated my mantel, and casual entertaining ideas here.

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Basic Tips

Here are some basic decorating tips I’ve learned from some design professionals over the years, as well as things I’ve discovered on my own.

  • Buying a pre-lit artificial tree like these from Tree Classics, makes is so much easier to decorate. The branches stand up to the weight of the ornaments without sagging, and you can bend them when needed to help support hooks or other decorations.
  • If you do use your own lights, use the number of strands {100 mini lights per strand} equal to the height of the tree. For instance an 8 foot tree would have 8 strands of lights.
  • I have found it’s easiest to add lights in a top to bottom pattern {or bottom to top}, moving around the tree as you go. Just start at the top, nestle the lights into the branches all the way to the bottom, and then back up again, back down, and so on. It’s a lot easier than adding lights horizontally and moving around and around the tree, or back and forth.
  • Add lights to the inside near the trunk to add dimension to the tree.
  • After adding lights, move on to garland.  Space it evenly around the tree.
  • When adding ornaments, begin with the largest or most statement-making pieces. Place them so they are in a zig zag pattern. This will keep the eyes moving around the tree.
  • Just as with lights, place basic ball ornaments on inner branches to help fill gaps within, and to add depth.
  • Add something decorative around the base of the tree {besides gifts} to add interest: mini trees, deer, snowman, train track, an old wagon or sled, etc.
  • Wrap gifts so they coordinate with the tree decor.


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Are you excited about decorating your tree?  What’s your color palette or theme?

A special THANK YOU to Tree Classics for providing our Christmas tree. Find them on Facebook and Pinterest.


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  1. says

    I always do mine early because we host a 100 plus person cocktail party in early December. This is one thing I can control early. We did gold and silver last year and I agree, you can reuse those ornaments with anything. This year, I’m shooting for more of a white look, but the gold and silver look great with it all.

  2. says

    I am a huge fan of Christmas decoration.Love your Christmas decoration…This Christmas tree is truly magnificent and these silver and golden look wonderful, Chris!This will definitely brighten up your holiday season.

  3. Jenny Franklin says

    The tree looks amazing! Love the deer. Puts the finishing touches on it. My own family usually thumb tacks a skydiving bear ornament on the ceiling above the tree. It puts the finishing touches on it.

  4. Karen C. says

    I’m hosting Christmas for the first time in years which means I have to put up the tree. I love the tree when it’s done but it’s so much work. I use gold, chocolate brown and copper colored glass ornaments, along with some white (or clear) and lime green for punch. I stopped using my Hallmark ornaments sometime ago but still buy them every year. Chris, which tree did you use and was it a one connection, one plug in assembly? Think I’ll go for a slimmer look this year.

    • Chris says

      Karen, I got the 8 foot tree – it’s linked at the top of the post (3rd paragraph). It comes in 3 layers so each layer plugs into the one it’s attached to. One plug at the bottom goes into the wall with a foot press to turn it on and off.

    • Chris says

      Erika, it looks like they don’t have the set that I bought, on the website. I don’t know if it’s in the store or not. However, the closest thing would be the Natural Wonder, as it’s in the gold, silver tones.