Top 5 Thrift Store Finds For Parties & Entertaining

top 5 thrift store finds for entertaining

If you’ve read this blog for a while you probably know my love of vintage pieces and using them in party design. The funny thing is I’m drawn to a more modern aesthetic in home decor, but for parties it seems nothing adds charm quite like the addition of items from a bygone era.

I was inspired by this post on The Cottage Market, to put together my own list of top 5 thrift store finds to use in entertaining and party design. I love checking out thrift shops and flea markets because you never know what you’re gonna find, and when you DO find something awesome it’s pure joy! Are you ready to see my list?

Rolling Cart

vintage cart

{cart used in retro bridal shower here}

  • Whether it’s a rolling utility style cart or a retro bar cart, these have become a big statement piece in the last year or so. This is form and function at it’s best, and you can use it to serve food, create a bar, set presents on, or place party favors.

Vintage Window & Frames

vintage windows

{window used in shabby chic baby shower here}

  • I love the look of old windows and frames in party decor. You can do so much with them and the frames usually have more character than newer ones. With old windows you can use them as a table backdrop, hang them from a tree branch, or prop them against a table or wall. You can write or paint on the windows and wash it off when you’re done, and you can hang a small bunting across the front of it. Even if the windows are missing you can insert chicken wire in its place or leave it empty.

Old Soda Crates

vintage drink crates

{crate in ice cream sandwich bar here}

  • If you’re lucky enough to find these old soda crates, grab them up! They are hugely popular and can be quite pricey in some markets. I was lucky enough to find 2 different styles for less than $10 each and I love using them to display drinks, glasses, snack cones, and anything else that will fit inside.

Floral Frogs

vintage floral frogs

{floral frogs from vintage bridal shower coming soon}

  • One of the smaller items to look out for is a floral frog. Who would have ever thought such a utilitarian item would become such a statement piece used in party decor? They come in 2 different styles – a glass base with holes, and a metal base with tiny spikes. The glass frog is great for holding thin items like pencils or straws, while the metal spikes are great for holding small cards. You’ll find them in all sizes too.

Silver Trays

silver trays

{chalkboard tray used in bourbon bar here}

  • One of the easiest things to find is a silver plated tray with an aged patina. These are pretty inexpensive which makes it a good item for creating a chalkboard sign or just to hold bar items. They come in all shapes and sizes and look great in rustic or more dressed up designs.

So there you have it, some of my favorite thrift store finds for parties and entertaining. Which is your favorite?  Remember you don’t have to create a vintage party design in order to use some of these items either.  They look just as great in  more contemporary decor too.

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