The Beauty Of Burlap!

Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford, Giselle….They could all wear a burlap sack and look beautiful, right? Well, so can your dining table!! Check out how gorgeous, rustic, and elegant these burlap details are. Perfect for Father’s Day don’t you think?!

Two adorable ways to wrap a vase or jar of flowers. The one on the left is a little more organic. I like how the outer ring of the lid is screwed on for a finished look! The option on the right is a little dressier with the addition of satin ribbon.
How about starting the look with the invitations. Wrapping the card stock with a wide burlap ribbon sets the tone. I’m loving the added detail of the tiny clothes pin! This is a great idea for wrapping around big jars for popcorn or cookie buffets.
Another favorite is this place card. Love, love, love! Use this idea for food and drink labels as well.
Send the guests home with a cute little burlap bag filled with a flower bulb, apples, or bag of coffee, etc.
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  1. Not just a Mommy! says

    What great ideas; and beyond the country theme, which is all I ever think of for burlap…and thank you for the blog wishes, it seems like only yesterday I needed an outlet or my head would explode! :)

  2. justfineinflipflops says

    Once, I did a wedding reception for a friend and the tablecloths were burlap (it was a very casual reception) We actually bought a whole roll and started at one end of the tables and just rolled it down to the end and cut it (banquet style). I was easy, very affordable and very cute.

  3. Anonymous says

    Thanks for designing what has been in my head for our garden wedding. Everyone turned up their nose at the burlap idea and I couldn't explain it to them. I also had already started getting mason jars before I saw this. Beautifully classic simple!