Tablescapes From Nesting Newbies

Gorgeous! Amazing! Fantastical!! Just a few words to describe the tablescapes presented in the online magazine, Nesting Newbies.

 Seriously?!! A Hanging Buffet?!! I die!
 Hot Pink, Black, & White never looked so good!
Check out the entire Winter issue for yourself!
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  1. Courtney D. says

    Haha "I die!!" Yes, I died too, I'm already pondering if my landlord would kill me if I screwed stuff into my ceiling so I too could have a hanging buffet :)

  2. amy * stem * says

    I could not agree more. I was looking at this yesterday and going to post but you beat me to it. Why I oughtttaaaa….

    I keed.


  3. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    Courtney and Teesha, I think I have a plan! No screws in the ceiling either! AND I even have a big wire bowl thingie very similar to the one in the pics. Maybe drop in Lollipops for a dessert buffet!