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Last year I set up this al fresco dining table-for-two for an article for I thought I’d share it here in case you missed it, and as I was looking through photos I thought, “Wow! what a difference a year makes!” I’m talking photography people!

I know I learn something new about photography about every six months and can see the progression, but still, when I look back at these photos it’s almost startling to me when I compare it to this or this taken recently. I’ve learned better angles, better settings, and even better editing techniques. Still, there’s so much more to learn…

I’ll try to get passed my cringing reflex in order to share the highlights of this table setting. I think there are a few cute ideas you can certainly take away for your summer entertaining.

dining al fresco dining al fresco dining al fresco dining al frescodining al fresco dining al fresco

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  • I chose a light and bright color combo of yellow and gray. I love these two colors together and it sort of reflects the feminine and masculine at the same time.
  • A yard or two of fabric is all you need to create a pretty table runner. You can simply cut it to the width you need, turn down the edges and iron. Take it a step further and use hemming tape for a permanent seam.
  • Make place cards using a flower or herb seed packets and scrapbook paper. You can plant the seeds later and watch them grow.
  • Other thoughtful details include a mini jar filled with candies, and water bottles and straws in coordinating colors.
  • Washi tape goes a long way in embellishing small items. Wrap it around jars & vases, make food flags with it, and use it to attach seed packets to the name cards.
  • Set up dessert on a side table and use colorful candy as you would use vases or flowers to add color and interest. You don’t have to eat it, but it adds a nice balance of color.
  • I think the coffee cake name tag is a super cute way to put a twist on food cards. Instead of making tent cards and setting them on the table, cut a flag shape and tuck it into the dish.

Let me know what you think, and have a great day!

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  1. says

    Beautiful Chris! I feel the same way about my photography. I’ve just been learning a little bit at a time, but I recently finished up a photography course and now starting a new one. What a difference a few months have made on my photography! :p <3 Heidi

    • Chris says

      It’s funny how your eye gets better too. I look back at older photos which I thought looked great at the time, but not now! LOL

  2. says

    I feel the same way, a little practice goes a loooong way in photography! I look at images I shot just a couple months ago and wonder what I was thinking…but I’m my own worst critic, I suppose. I love your ideas in this post, definitely worth a re-share!