Please follow the guidelines below when submitting parties or other projects.   Send to: submissions{at}

  • INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS Within a ZIP File via Drop Box – No collages, please.
  • SIZE – Horizontal photos should be at least 1000px wide so we can adjust as necessary;  Verticals should be 800px wide.
  • WATERMARKS – Although we give full credit with links we realize Pinterest {and other social media outlets} has changed everything.  Feel free to place a small watermark on photos if you like.  We only ask that they do not cover up the details our viewers love to see.
  • QUALITY PHOTOS – It does not have to be professional, but photography is important {in focus, good lighting, good composition, detail shots, etc}.
  • CREATIVITY – Have you incorporated interesting details, or put a unique spin on a theme?  We love seeing original concepts!
  • INCLUDE LINKS – If you have used online vendors or a professional photographer to help create/capture your party, please provide those links as well as your own site link (if applicable).
  • DESCRIPTION – Please write a brief description of the party including any important details.
  • EXCLUSIVITY – Please let us know if you have submitted to, or been featured on any other sites.  We prefer to feature parties and designs that have not been published {except on your own blog}, when possible.

Note: The #1 reason we don’t feature a submission is poor photo quality.  Dark, grainy, or fuzzy photos cannot be accepted.

Due to the high volume of emails received, I am unable to respond to every submission.  However, I will contact you if/when your work is featured.

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