St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

I think St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most fun celebrations of the year – right up there with Mardi Gras!  It’s a time to throw a party just for the pure pleasure of having food & cocktails with friends, and it’s acceptable to get a little ‘cheeky’ with decor and details!  I’ve put together some ideas here that you can implement for your own gathering.  With lots of green, a rainbow, and a “pot of gold” you’re guests are sure to have a good time…

 Set the table with a green tablecloth, vases, and party ware.  I like the cool flowery napkins shown here – they remind me of a stylized shamrock.  Green spider mums in dried split peas is an easy but attractive centerpiece.  Make an Irish flag banner with felt, fabric, or paper cut into triangles and hot glued to ribbon.

 Serve a buffet of bite-sized foods consisting of traditional fish-n-chips, mini shepherd’s pies, and mini reuben sandwiches.  Wash it down with a “Pot of Gold” cocktail with flecks of real gold from Goldschlager.  Set up your cocktail bar with rainbow colored streamers hanging as a backdrop, and place a sign that reads, “A ‘Pot of Gold’ at the end of the Rainbow.”  Have some glasses already filled and lined in rows.  Scatter gold coins around the bar top and around the glasses.

 For dessert and favors, set up a Sweets Table with candies, cupcakes, and green rice crispy treats, along with decorative take out boxes.  Be sure to have Irish Coffee available too.

flower in split peas, tablescape, cupcakes, invitation, popcorn, cupcake toppers,

candy display, take-out box, rainbow streamers, fish-n-chips, mini shepherd’s pies, mini reuben sandwiches, Irish coffee, Irish Crispy TreatsPot of Gold cocktail,

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  1. Romance In A Glance says:

    Cute ideas!!! I love all of the green!

  2. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) says:

    So many fun ideas here, Chris!

  3. Holiday Glee says:

    Always wonderful ideas, always informative blog posts here.

  4. Weddingish says:

    So fun!

    Love the green candy picture. <3

  5. I love those mini shepherds pies!!! AH!

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