Sophisticated Baseball Theme

I think birthday inspiration for men may be one of the least represented genres in the party blogosphere.  Fortunately, I found one you can add to your ideas file if you happen to have a baseball lover.   Thanks to Amorology, who created this classy baseball themed wedding that is perfect for a gentleman’s birthday celebration.
Create anticipation with “ticket” invitations, and decorate your party space with penants, baseballs, and peanuts!  Have bats and balls available for guests to write on{well-wishes to the birthday guy}.  Display treats in a vendor-style box/tray, and design a couple of coordinating centerpieces using baseballs.
I so love the idea of the “hey, batter, batter” favor box filled with pancake batter!  These ideas would also work well for Father’s Day, coming up soon!
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  1. Susan Crabtree says:

    my husband is a HUGE baseball fan & would absolutely LOVE this!

  2. Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts says:

    I love how classy but fun this is!!!

  3. I love how out-of-the-box this is! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Simply Creative Insanity says:

    Amazing! I love all the details in this one! I will be stocking this one away for sure!

  5. Kristy - Posh Pixels Design Studio says:

    This is fabulous! Too perfect!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Adorable. This would be a great party for our nephew who loves and plays baseball. This I will have to file away for future use!!

  7. Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns says:

    SO many fabulous details here. I'm in love. Wish my husband liked baseball!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Loved the idea for "guys" but I think the most under represented group in party planning is "TEENS"! I would love to see some ideas for teens and even something as simple as a party favor for a coed teen lunch is hard to come up with unless it is food (ie cookie, brownie, candy). And the pressure is really on when you are throwing something for teens – it has to be "cool" and fun but of course, you can't have a signature cocktail or anything……

  9. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says:

    Anonymous, you are so right! I stand corrected. They want to be cool, and they want to feel grown up, too! Definately try to keep a level of sophistication with teen parties.

    Favors are a whole other deal. They love friends, music, movies, and "style," which can get pretty pricey if your providing for many. I'm one of those who always loves a good "sweet treat" as a favor. Other options are gift certificates to iTunes, theaters, or restaurants.

  10. Pink Peppermint Paper says:

    Wow! LOVE this idea. So well-executed. Awesome!

  11. Chris,
    I agree that themed celebrations for guys are difficult. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  12. Love the juxtaposition of sporty and classy at the same time. I would love to share this on my site! Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. CupKate's And Parties says:

    Who knew baseball was so elegant?? The "hey batter batter" favors are genius.

  14. I love this and can't believe I didn't see it before I did my sports party! I used moss (from the dollar store) but it didn'g turn out as good as yours. I also wish I'd have seen the snack guy!

    Mine's here:

  15. says:

    Love this idea! Very elegnant, but in a manly way. I would have never thought to do this. It is such a wonderful idea!!

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