Sideboard and Kid’s Table


The sideboard is set up with an Apple Pie Cocktail to enjoy before dinner, a menu listing the delicious meal to come, and after-dinner coffee. Typically I would have dessert, in place of the pumpkin, on the cake stand! I created a little Welcome banner to match the one on the table, along with other similar embelishments, and the menu card, so everything works together.

 For the kid’s table I used the same coordinating scrapbook papers as used in the dining room to create a cohesive look. I made the little turkey cups from paper cups, cut down to size. Colored scrapbook paper wraps around for the body, and creates feathers, chest and head. Simply fill with candy corn for a fall festive take-home-treat for the kids. And of course all kids love their apple juice so I got the IZZE Sparkling Apple from Target. I love when the perfect package combines with the perfect flavor!

For the centerpiece, I used the same test tubes from halloween and popped in a single stem or two of seasonal floral. I wrapped the rim with more coordinating paper to cover the threads where the lid screws on. With this table, I wouldn’t mind sitting with the kids!!
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