Red & Pink Ladybug Party

Just look at this sweet Ladybug Birthday party by Suzi of Alannah Rose.  It’s so girly with it’s pink and red color scheme, and the turf grass just seals the deal for me!  There are tiny little ladybugs dotted throughout the party, and some lovely floral displays.
Fun favors include ladybug nets, small pails filled with goodies, fun shaped cookies, and these adorable ladybug antenae head bands.  No detail was overlooked in this garden-style party.  Thanks for sharing these photos Suzi!  To see & read more visit Alannah Rose blog.
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  1. katie@tulsadetails says:

    Love, love, love! The details are absolutely adorable. What a fun party!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the glass jars & straws! Beautiful party.

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  3. Enchanted Expectations says:

    Love the grass. This is such a cute party

  4. A Blissful Nest says:

    What cute favors! I love the straws with the tags.

  5. Kori Clark says:

    I love how "fresh" it felt! The white buckets brought in a bright feel that I love!

  6. Jen @ says:

    The turf table runners are my fave! Love the attention to detail! :)

  7. The Sweet Life Studio says:

    Oh so cute – grass was such a nice idea!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where to get the glass bottles that look like they are for lemonade or milk?

  9. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says:

    "Anonymous," those bottles seem to be only available in Australia. In the US you can use the 9oz. 'Starbucks' Frappaccino bottles. Just peel the label off and clean it up. It looks very much like old milk bottles.

  10. Alannah Rose says:

    thanks so much for featuring our party Chris and for all the lovely words. x

    Anon – these are the bottles their website says they are available internationally so you could shoot them an email. good luck x

    • Hi Alannah could you tell me where to get that texture grass I’m doing a pooh themed party and can only find tissue paper. Thank in advance this party was too cute!

      • Mary, you can find the turf grass at home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. They will cut it to size for you.

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