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house huntingGuess what I’ve been doing lately {the past month, yesterday, today} – house hunting!  That’s right, we’ve spent almost 15 years in this house which seemed quite large for just the 2 of us back in ’98.  Fast forward to 2 kids and a home business that’s “prop heavy” and we are busting at the seams to say the least!  It’s all very exciting but also causes some anxiety….the thought of moving all my supplies & party props is too much to think about, but the idea of more space and a clean slate keeps me focused.  I also LOVE looking at model homes – it’s one of my favorite past times!

In addition to the right house, we have location to think about.  I’d prefer to live in a more “happening” area outside of Richmond {Moseley?}, but my kids love it in our small town of Chester {which, FYI, is NO destination place. LOL}.  Any words of wisdom?


While I’m out today, I think I’ll stop into Michael’s and give away some $5 gift cards as part of Random Acts of Kindness week.  I told you guys about it earlier this week, along with some simple craft ideas to get you thinking about what you could do too.  Isn’t it the best feeling in the world to make someone else happy, or smile?!

random acts of kindness

As a reminder, Michael’s will be giving out $100,000 in gift cards, randomly in their stores this Sunday.  They also have a Pinterest board full of “Craft It Forward” ideas.  We hope you’ll be inspired to perform your own random acts of kindness this week and beyond.

In the mean time, wish me luck on the search for the perfect home…and location.  Have a great day!

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  1. says


    Beautiful home! I’ve never been to Richmond, but I’d say if the kids are leaving in a few years anyway, to find a place you can feel settled. I love the city but I’m a “just outside the city” type of girl. I like to be able to do a “date night” in the city If I want to here in West Palm Beach, FL. I hope you find the house you’re looking for. I can relate to storing props! It can be overwhelming! Thanks for sharing your life. We love seeing everything you post!

    Karis – The Sunshine Party Studio

    • Chris says

      Thanks so much, Karis. We have at least 9 years of kids at home so it’s pretty substantial. My husband says, “we can always move again when they graduate.” ;-D

    • Chris says

      If only, Abigail….. We’d be like Joda & Kathy Lee: Monday Fun day, Tuesday Booze day, Winesday Wednesday…

    • Chris says

      Karin, these are some of the models we’re considering. Pros & cons to EVERYTHING makes it so tough!

  2. says

    Hey Chris! Congrats on the house hunting. I’m originally from Richmond and grew up 10 yrs in chester. I love that area! So I understand your kids. But I know you will find a happy balance just as you have done in other areas of your life. God Bless!