Pink & Brown Shower Inspiration

 I love the color combination of pink and brown.  It’s so modern and chic and is the perfect color scheme for a  Baby Shower.  I found some inspiring photos to help you get started in creating one of your own: 

First Row: Invitations, Hanging Monogram, Centerpiece
Bottom Row: Centerpiece, Guest Book(or Advice Book), Book Holder
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  1. lisalyn says

    I do love this color combo too.
    I'm needing to start working on a birthday party for a young mom of all boys and these are the colors I am leaning towards….highlighting the pink of course! :)

  2. Katie McFarlan says

    I LOVE that polka dotted drink bucket…that would be perfect for an upcoming shower I have!

  3. Blushing hostess says

    I recently tried to talk a hostess into a moss centerpiece – there was a great one at DIFFA in NYC this year – she was totally against dirt etc on the table – too bad, as your example proves, it can be very original and pretty…

    well done.

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