Paper Crafts & DIY Flowers

Today I’m sharing the details and 2 tutorials for the paper crafts I used in my Thanksgiving bar and tabletop. I LOVE my printable party girls as much as anyone but truth be told I’m very much a “create as I go” stylist so I don’t always have the time or fore-planning to use the printables, so this is a great alternative. Above, you can see a sampling of all the different paper details I put together using a book of old newspaper stories {bought for about $5 on clearance years ago}, scrapbook paper I had lying around, jute twine, craft punches, stamps, rub-on transfers, yarn, buttons, our paper shredder, and of course scissors, tape, and glue dots. Everyone has that stuff lying around the house, right?!

For me, putting it all together is as simple as looking at my base design and seeing what needs color, added height, and extra pizazz. You’ll notice that nothing really “matches” but everything coordinates and complements the other.

A few of my favorite paper details that I see a lot of are fan rosettes and flowers or “roses”. These 2 projects can add such a cute touch to any spot that needs something extra, or they can be used in mass to make a big statement within the party. Here’s how to make them:

Paper Roses

2 separate papers which coordinate together

Tape, double-sided tape, scissors, and/or circle craft punch

  • Cut out a large circle from any paper you choose, and begin cutting out a spiral from the outside to the center.
  • Cut or punch out a smaller circle from the same paper, and cut out a “slice of pie” from the circle.
  • For the spiral paper, starting from the center roll the paper up onto itself.
  • For the smaller circle, bring the two ends together to create a loose cone shape. Secure with tape.
  • Place the rolled “rose” inside the cone and secure with double-sides tape.
  • Cut out leaf shapes from coordinating paper and attach to the outside with tape, if desired.

Paper Fan Rosettes

Long strip of paper about 2 inches wide {or wider for larger rosettes}

Coordinating paper

Circle punch or scissors to cut out smaller circles

Decorative embellishments such as adhesive flowers, buttons, etc.

  • Begin by folding the strip of paper into small accordion pleats.
  • Once your strips are folded, wrap it around to connect the two ends together. Secure using tape or staples. Punch or cut a circle to use as the backing of the fan.
  • Now push the outside of the circle down into the center to create a pinwheel effect. This is the tricky part as the paper will want to pop up again and again. Attach the paper circle to the back of the fan using a strong adhesive such as duct tape. This will hold the pinwheel in place.
  • Use glue dots or double-sided tape to place another punched circle on top of the fan rosette.
  • At this point you can embellish it however you like with flowers, buttons, tiny yarn pompoms, etc.

Happy Crafting!


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