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CAH family room tour

During the long holiday weekend I decided I’d snap some photos of our family room and share them with you as part of my ongoing house tour. This almost completes the downstairs except for my office {which needs major attention} and the morning room, which STILL needs the “perfect” farm table.

This room is completely open to the kitchen, and great for entertaining as well as family time. I’ve decorated in a very eclectic style combining classic lines, with mid-century-modern accents that can last a long time. Almost everything in the room was bought new for the space. The tan chair, zebra chair, ottoman “table”, and large mirror are from the old house, and of course accessories are a combo of new and old.

CAH family room tour CAH family room tour CAH family room tour CAH family room tour CAH family room tour CAH family room tour CAH family room tour CAH family room tourCAH family room tour CAH family room tour

  • The very first thing I bought for the room was this huge shag rug, and I was ecstatic when I found the exact size and style I needed at HomeGoods for $400 – what a steal! It’s thick and lush and I often joke that you could lose a small child in there!
  • My next focus was a new sofa. Our old one was well made and in good condition but the color was all wrong. Recovering it would be almost as pricey as buying a new one, not to mention the time and logistics of dealing with that, so I set out to find a new one. After an EXHAUSTIVE search with no results we decided to “design our own” at Bassett. It was quite fun as I got to choose everything from the ground up. I went with classic lines, luxurious down blend cushions, and a durable chenille fabric, in family-friendly gray.
  • I switched out the pillows that came with the sofa {now in the guest room} and bought some fun prints and colors from HomeGoods. I’ve always been a sucker for mix-n-match sofa pillows!
  • Our ottoman/cocktail table is only a few years old so we are keeping it for a while. It’s great because it doubles as a place to sit or hold a drink. Since it’s so dark and surrounded by other dark colors, I drape a white fuzzy throw over the side to lighten things up.
  • Obviously I don’t like matchy-matchy so every chair in this room is unique. I have a big comfy club chair, a zebra print statement chair, and a mid-century style wooden accent chair. The same can be said for side tables too. I’ve mixed in a metal pedestal table, a wooden table with shelves, and a small metal drum-style table. Nothing matches but it all coordinates.
  • I found silk curtains at World Market and when we hung them, it literally transformed the space into a “finished” room.
  • Books play a big part in my decorating, which is ironic because I’m not a big reader {unless you count cookbooks & magazines}. Several years back though, I inherited a substantial collection that belonged to my grandmother. They are old and have been read cover to cover, and I cherish them. I’ve also collected books on my trip to Paris, as well as some specialty bound classics. I love how books add warmth to a room.
  • I placed a standing mirror on one side of the fire place to balance out the window that’s on the other side. The thing I’ve noticed is that when I’ve taken the mirror away {to test it in other areas}, it impacts the feel of the room dramatically! It really does open up that little spot that leads into my office.
  • A couple of my favorite “unexpected” touches are the “N” I’ve placed on the window sill, and the tall stack of books I’ve placed on the floor next to the mirror. Those touches are casual and whimsical and you don’t see them in most homes.

CAH family room tour CAH family room tour CAH family room tour CAH family room tourCAH family room tour CAH family room tourCAH family room tour

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  • I’ve touched on some details of the tv wall before, and I think it’s one of my favorite walls in the house. It’s long and it needed to be functional as well as interesting to look at, not to mention it holds the television and I didn’t want that to be the first thing to jump out at you. We needed to hide tv boxes too, but I hate when cabinet doors have to be left open and get in the way. I searched high and low for something with mid-century style, a sliding door, and the right height and width. Thank goodness for CB2! I bought 2 consoles and pushed them side by side so it looks like one long piece of furniture. I LOVE it – form meets function at its best!
  • Of course we had to bring the eye up so we added a couple of floating shelves from Lowes, on one side.
  • The other side holds the tv and in order to make it “disappear” I hung a collage of artwork around it. Just as I love books and pillows, I love wall art, and especially this mix of colors, subject matter, and mediums. To break up the framed pieces I added in a mirror and a resin animal head.

You’ll notice how the room is based on neutral tones {gray and tan} with pops of color coming from art and accessories. This is intentional so I can mix things up as I go through different phases. Right now all the colors are represented, but I could easily change it out and use only yellow or red as the accent color.

I’ve also got a little bit of every style represented – modern vases, vintage books, rustic antlers, classic furniture lines, etc. It’s all about balance.

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a tour of our most lived in room of the house {well, other than the kitchen}. This is where we hang out with the kids, entertain guests, and just relax.

This eclectic style may not be for everyone but it’s warm and inviting and feels like a comfortable home with a history….even if we’ve only lived here for 11 months!



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  1. says

    totally in love with this room, chris! we have similar styles in some respects and love a lot of the same things. great idea to put the 2 consoles together! love your couch pillows and the little union jack pic too! your wall looks so interesting. mine, at the moment is very lackluster! great job!!

    • Chris says

      Thank you Elissa! I love your new home and can’t wait to see all the decorating you do to it!

  2. says

    The way you balanced the TV with the collection of wall art is brilliant. Great idea! I am happy to see a home featured on line that is not just another “shabby chic” home. I am fortunate to have two homes, both small, but nonetheless, I am lucky to have one decorated modern and one traditional. Thank you for sharing your home and style.

    • Chris says

      Thank you, Chloe. I’ve gone through modern, traditional, French country, and now just plain eclectic! Haha, I seem to change my mind about every 7 years or so. 😉