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Happy Halloween! Are you moms getting ready for trick or treating tonight? My kids are so excited – they put Halloween up there with Christmas because of all the candy.

Speaking of Christmas, I’ve been working behind the scenes on some holiday projects this week, and can’t wait to share them, but for now I want to leave you with a little “mom tip.”

A little while back I was contacted by to share my best organizing tip as a mom. Since the kitchen is the busiest area in our house I wanted to concentrate on that.

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Since we moved, I have a pretty great walk-in pantry and it’s wild how quickly it filled up. In order to keep the kid’s snacks handy and in order I like to put all their “mother approved” snacks into one basket so they can grab what they want easily. What makes this so nice is that I can see at a glance, what we’re running low on and what I need to buy.

Also, since the kids know this is “their” basket I don’t have to worry about them grabbing my bag of chocolate chips that I need for baking. I fill the basket with snacks that are better balanced and healthy, and it’s placed on a low shelf.  This is just one simple way to I try to stay ahead of the game.

You can see the other tips from other mom bloggers here. What’s your favorite organizing tip as a mom {or not}? For anywhere in the house?

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    This is a great tip! My son is 7 months old and his puree baby food is taking over our small pantry. I put a basket in there to store all of his food. It looks so much more organized!