Shot Glasses: Not Just For Shots!

Do you have a collection of shot glasses from college that are now collecting dust? Pull those babies out and put them to good use serving appetizers, soups, even dessert, for your next gathering! If you don’t have any, you can invest in a suitable quantity for about $1 each….or use glass votive holders from the craft store. Just look at all the fabulous possibilities!

Crudite with dip or guacamole dip for chips, prevents any double-dipping faux pas.

Serve a shot of warm soup or cold gazpacho. No need for a spoon.

Single serving shrimp cocktail can be a money saver(you know how everyone goes for the shrimp when it’s in a large bowl). Also, serve warm mashed potatoes elegantly.

 Could there BE a better way to serve dessert? I mean you’ve got portion control and calorie control built right in! Choose between a trifle or parfait, or a mini ice cream sundae.

For the Traditionalist….a shot of milk with a cookie!

Send guests home with these adorable favors of shot glasses and chocolates.
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  1. Fabulous post! These are such great ideas.

  2. Setting the Mood says:

    Great ideas!! I love mini anything!

  3. I love these! I love mini anything too!

  4. Dollface says:

    I love this. I do coporate event planning and meetings and we do a lot of bloody mary shrimp shooters!! cheers to this, xoxo

  5. Thanks for the ideas. I love the photos! I’m going to have to find myself some really cute shot glasses now… for desserts, of course!

  6. candice perera says:

    I love these ideas to further add to my entertaining creativity, you can check them on facebook

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