New Years Eve Party – A BRIGHT Shiny Future!

Happy Holidays!! How will you be spending New Years Eve this year? Adult’s only bash? Stay at home with the kids? An intimate dinner party with friends? There are so many options but when you have kids it can be tough to get a sitter and go out until well passed midnight. With that in mind I designed a kid-friendly display for The Party Dress magazine and incorporated glitter and bright colors for a nod to a “Bright Future” in the year ahead. This display is for the kids and adults and utilizes a shelf unit to hold different items. Read on for all the details and ideas you can re-create…

Ideas to Use:

  • Use an open shelf to display food and drinks. Each shelf can hold a different item and makes is easy to see everything.
  • I used a bright color scheme of fuchsia, purple, and aqua blue {inspired by a trio of mini glass vases in those colors} and brought in food and drink in the same color scheme. Chocolate bonbons from Bedazzle My Bonbon are the quintessential New Years Eve treat as they combine a sparkling visual with a delicious dessert. Here I set them on Pastry Pedestals as well as on top of cupcakes {with matching wrappers}.
  • Small “favors” were made by filling clear ornaments with colorful candies, and displaying them on top of votive holders to keep them from rolling over. An inspirational word is tied to each ornament for extra detail.
  • The kids can drink a color coordinated juice or soda from our IKEA bottles/vases. Tie on a printed tag and add a straw and the kids are ready to go!

  • Cupcakes are place on round boxes that have been covered in our paper of choice {double sided wrapping paper} and embellished with ball fringe trim.
  • Mini bottles of champagne for the adults are placed in small buckets of ice to keep them chilled.
  • To cover the green paper on the champagne bottles, I topped them with shiny tissue paper and tied with ribbon. This way everything is color coordinated and the green wrap doesn’t take away from the look. I added a straw which the guests can use in lieu of glasses.
  • A final detail is added to the buckets by adding “clock” magnets to the side. This is of course an iconic symbol of New Years Eve.

    • The overall decor is bright and whimsical using glitter paper and black and white harlequin patterns mixed with polka dot patterns. I used the paper to cover a DIY pin board that can hold everyones New Year resolutions.
    • Clocks and hour glasses are the perfect decorative element and a few flowers are placed in our inspiration vases.
    • Set up a place where guests can right down their resolution. Here I simply punched out large circles from glitter card stock and provide push pins for them to be attached to the resolution board.
    • Homemade Party Poppers are provided and filled with “A KISS at midnight”
    • Noise makers, blowers, and masks are also set out and once again coordinate with our color scheme. Apply a little glitter ribbon, or sequin trim to the noise makers to add even more detail.

Although it’s a bit late to order the bonbons for New Years, these make such beautiful and tasty treats for any occasion. I hope you will be inspired to use some of these ideas for New Years Eve or your next family party.

Vendors: Concept & Styling – Chris Nease – Celebrations At Home / Bonbons & matching cupcake sleeves- Bedazzle My Bonbon / Pastry Pedestals – The Pastry Pedestal

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