New House = Housewarming Party!

Housewarming party ideas

Exciting news today – we have a contract on a new house!! WOOHOOO!! After the craziest 2 weeks of house hunting, switching choices 3 times, and changing neighborhoods as a last minute “save,” we finally made our decision and was able to get all the things on our wish list {hardwoods throughout the main floor, ‘gourmet’ kitchen, open floor plan, walk-out basement, etc.}. This is the house we’re building which is kinda deceiving on the outside since it’s built with a “front to back” plan as opposed to a side to side layout {it packs a lot of space inside}. I’ll share a little house tour of the decorated model in another post, but I love the exterior with the mix of stone, slats, and shaker.

It will take 5-6 months to build but I am already thinking of a housewarming party {of course}, and looking forward to doing some real entertaining again. New neighbors, new house, new opportunities, new attitude….Yep, we decided to move out of Chester and over to Moseley where there is a LOT more to do. My daughter literally cried for 45 minutes straight when we broke the news to her last week. Thankfully, once she let it all out she’s been fine! My son is excited and says he wants the WALKOUT basement for his bedroom…..uh, yeah kid, not happening.

Stay tuned for a house tour {probably next week}. Meanwhile I’ll be planning how I’ll decorate the new place, and using some of these ideas for a housewarming party for my master plan.

Have a great day!


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  1. Aimee @ Aimee Broussard & Co. says

    Congratulations, Chris! We’re about to embark on the same journey, and I’m hoping it goes as smoothly (without the tears) as yours. Excited to see it all come together!

  2. Donna P. says

    Congrats! So excited for you and your family! It is a beautiful house and I love the stone and shake shingle too.

  3. Kim says

    The house looks great from outside and I am looking forward to seeing how you decorate the inside. I am so happy for you. Congratulations!

  4. Jana Maciag says

    Congrats on your new acquisition!
    We took 2 years to find our home and we are happy here so far.
    Your new home is beautiful from the outside, can’t wait to see inside!