National S’mores Day Recipe Ideas

Can you believe Wednesday is National S’mores Day?! Who thinks up this stuff?!! I’m not complaining though; any excuse to taste or share some yummy S’mores recipes is fine by me! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Kathryn of Sugar Turn Table shared her recipe for a S’mores Trifle that looks divine; And I found this oh-so-sweet looking S’mores Cocktail called a S’moretini.

  • If you want to go a step further and do some real baking, try these S’mores cookies from Jennifer’s Road Trip. They have a bit of graham cracker crumbs added to the flour mixture, and mini marshmallows and chocolate bar bits sprinkled throughout.
  • Finally, one of my favorite baked treat genres – bars! These Golden Grahams S’mores bars from Cookie Madness are right up my alley. They require no baking {made similarly to rice krispies treats} and include layers and layers of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham goodness.

Whichever recipe you decide to try, I’m sure it will be amazing. Happy S’mores Day!

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