May Pole Party Ideas

Add a traditional symbol to your Spring celebrations by incorporating a May Pole.  This is a fun and whimsical touch that can be used in children’s parties as well as weddings.  Here are a few ideas to try: 
Errect an actual may pole outdoors for the children to dance around at a birthday party, or down the aisle at your wedding.  You can see a tutorial for making one on Mommy Blessings.
Desserts are made even prettier when displayed with a skewer & ribbon ‘may pole’ topper.
Ribbon wands mimic the may pole and are a fun favor for the kids, or an alternative for guests to wave to the bride and groom instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles.  Find an easy tutorial on Polkadot Bride.
To carry out the theme even further, create ribbon chandeliers, tie the backs of chairs with ribbon, or hang a ribbon backdrop.  Happy May Day!
May Poles: left, right
Wands: left, right

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  1. Susan Crabtree says:

    LOVE all these ideas!

  2. Mama Bird says:

    Fantab!! I had a maypole for my flower girl to carry. LOVE!!

  3. Miss Katatny says:

    gorgeous blog! keep up the good work!
    would love your support for mine!

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