Make-Your-Own Ice Cream Sammies Bar

You know how I love food stations and “make-your-own” bars.  Well, this latest idea comes from the always amazing, Jesi Haak for a feature on Wiley Valentine blog.   She created this “make your own ice cream sandwich” bar for any occasion with kids and adults, alike.
The key is to offer several different varieties of cookies and ice cream flavors, as well as lots of toppings.  I think slice & bake cookies are an easy option for this project.
Begin by adding a scoop of your favorite ice cream to one cookie, top with cookie of another flavor or the same, and roll in toppings.  How delicious does that sound?  This could get really fun!  Great idea for this coming holiday weekend too!
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  1. michelle says

    It may only be 8:45 am here in VA, but those look like a good breakfast treat. LOL! Any thoughts to fancy up smores?

  2. Not Just A Mommy! says

    Love it! I'm going to have to try this for our annual ice-cream party, mix it up a bit!

  3. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    Just a note: I made these with my kids this afternoon, and YUM-O! They loved the novelty of it, too!

  4. Save the Date for Cupcakes says

    I SO wanna have a DIY ice cream party! I bet they were "YUM-O" too! lol…

  5. Half Baked says

    I LOVE this idea! Would also be perfect for a baby shower…. expecting moms and their ice cream cravings!

  6. Jordan - Polkadot Prints says

    I'm with you on your love for "make your own" stations! What a great twist on the traditional ice cream bar! Love it!