Make Your Own Drink Stir Sticks

make your own drink stir sticks

As I always say, it’s the tiny little details that people notice most when a party is creatively designed. In my own creative process I always start out by seeing the big picture first, and once that’s established I start looking at places where I can “guild the lily” so to speak, and add little details.

I’ve worked on a couple of projects {shabby chic shower and tea party shower} recently where I decided cute adorned stir sticks were a must-have item to dress up drinks. This of course led to today’s post – ideas for making your own DIY stir sticks.

DIY stir sticks

I started thinking about all the tiny craft supplies I have in my studio, and how easy it would be to attach them to a stir stick to create a party accessory for every theme!

All you need is:

  • a pack of wooden drink stirrers
  • some Glue Dots
  • an array of items to attach, like scrapbook embellishments
  • buttons
  • gem stones
  • Scrabble tiles
  • fabric or paper flowers
  • tiny magnets, & more.

DIY stir sticks

  • I even made tiny “bow ties” for fancier affairs, weddings, or an Oscars viewing party.
  • You can use anything that coordinates with your theme, color scheme, or style of design.

DIY stir sticks

  • I even like the look of this eclectic mix all used together at a single party. It’s kind of like the Monopoly game pieces where each guest gets to choose a stirrer based on their personality.

DIY stir sticks

How do you like the idea of making your own custom stir sticks? It only takes a few minutes and it looks absolutely adorable.


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  1. Ricka says

    Cute ideas! I just made some stirrers for my daughter’s upcoming ballet party. :) I’ll have to share pictures with you after the party. 😉